Former Cane Sapp Wants a Gator Blowout

Talking with Dan Patrick on national radio, former All-Pro and University of Miami defensive tackle Warren Sapp told a national listening audience that Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators should do what they can to embarrass the Tennessee Vols and head coach Lane Kiffin. According to Sapp, Kiffin asked to get hammered with his comments in the offseason directed at Meyer and company.

Warren Sapp appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday Sept. 17, and was asked about college football and what he would change. Sapp's Miami Hurricanes, since looked good in defeating Georgia Tech Thursday night, but Sapp was quick to point out the Florida Gators and tell the nation that the Gators is where any young college football prospect looking to win should want to go.

"College football is great just as it is, and Miami will find it's way back to the dream days of what we were," Sapp said when asked if he would change college football if he could. "But, Florida has a factory going on right now. If you are a kid coming out of high school and you want to win a national championship and everything, I would look very close at Florida. If they told me they had a spot for me I'd sign up for them too."

The Gators have won two of the last three national championships and are favored for their third this season as well. Sapp played on Miami teams that were continuously rated among the very best in the country.

Meyer chose to kick a very late field goal against Sapp's Hurricane program a year ago in a game the Gators won 26-3. Sapp was asked if Urban Meyer should call off the dogs against Tennessee late in the game if given the chance.

"Nope," Sapp laughed out loud. "The man lined up with 23 seconds and kicked a field goal on Miami. I called him a dirt bag. He better put it on Lane, Lane asked for it. We just walked in there with a bunch of kids and fought our way through a fourth quarter game that was pretty close...He didn't have to kick that field goal."

Sapp played for Kiffin in Kiffin's first year as head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 2007. Missing that player–coach connection, Sapp continued on and told Patrick that he wants Florida to pour it on.

"I am actually asking for it," Sapp said of a blowout in favor of Florida. "I am a Florida boy. This great peninsula of mine is all mine. I ride with the Florida schools unless you are playing us (Miami), then we fight for 60 minutes and laugh about it afterward."

Warren Sapp joins a long line of coaches, players, and respected media that would like to see Lane Kiffin put in his place in his first year as the Vols head coach.

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