Clay Burton Visits the Swamp

At just under 6-5 and 240-pounds Venice (FL) 2011 defensive end Clay Burton is hard to miss, that is of course unless he is in a crowd of about 90,000 people. That was the case Saturday afternoon in The Swamp as the Gators improved to 3-0 on the season with a 23-13 victory over the Tennessee Volunteers. Burton projects at defensive end at the next level.

"It was real exciting," Clay Burton said. "The Swamp was filling up real fast earlier today. Every time I looked up more and more people were filling the seats. There was a lot of energy in there today and the Gators came out real hyped."

There have been some loud games over the years in The Swamp but for the younger Burton which one was the loudest for him is an easy answer.

"That was the loudest game I have ever been to. I couldn't hear anyone talk at all. I was just trying to focus on the game and watch the defensive ends most of the time."

Burton loved everything about his trip but one part did stand out above the rest.

"I love talking to all the recruits and coaches. I love meeting all the kids and getting to know them."

Burton has three written offers to date with FIU, Stanford and Clemson.

The question still remains what position will Burton play at the next level. It is clear to him where he will play.

"I am staying at defensive end possibly tight end. I am having a real big season at defensive end right now early in the season. Roughly I have 25-28 tackles, 3-4 sacks, five pass breakups, three forced fumbles and one receiving touchdown. The touchdown was real exciting I just made sure that I caught the ball."

That touchdown pass was from older brother Trey Burton.

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