Tebow on Tennessee and Kentucky

Tim Tebow was a workhorse for the Florida Gators against Tennessee on Saturday and will be called on yet again to direct his team on the road at Kentucky this weekend. The 23-13 win was a tough fought battle for Tebow who talked about that and more in this talk with the media on Monday.

Media: How is your health after carrying the ball so many times (24)?

Tim Tebow: "I feel really good. Everything is healthy I better physically than I have since I have been here. I am a little sore, but feel really good."

Media: Talk about the big collision with Tennessee defensive back Eric Berry?

Tebow: "It was a good collision, I think both of us probably felt it a little bit. He is a great player and that was a big collision."

Media: With all of the flu going around, are you being treated differently?

Tebow: "I am not being quarantined or anything (laughing). A lot of Purell on the hands and washing our hands a lot."

Media: What do you know of Deonte Thompson's return?

Tebow: "I am not sure, I think we will probably have him and be fine. I saw him in there this morning doing some quickness and agility drills so i think he is getting a lot better. It is the first time I saw him do that. I know he is anxious to get back. He just needs to get practicing and playing again and we are excited to have him."

Media: Are any of the young guys ready to step up?

Tebow: "Omarius Hines, Frankie Hammond, TJ Lawrence, those are guys they are trying to get on the field working. They just have to get that one more step of understanding the offense and every snap knowing what they are doing. They are really close at getting on the field."

Media: Do teams now have the blueprint in how to stop the Florida offense?

Tebow: "If I hold onto that ball in that last drive, we are up 30-6. If we execute one or two more plays better, it's 37 or 40-6. if we put up those numbers we will be okay. He is a great defensive coordinator and had a great scheme for us. I am sure we will see a lot of what they did, but we'll have to get ready for it. We have seen a lot of different looks, so we'll get ready for them too."

Media: How do you game plan things like you saw Saturday against Tennessee?

Tebow: "We do pass-skel and do everything we usually do. That is something that will come with time and keep working. The looks that we are getting and taking advantage of them."

Media: Was a big part of their success based on the athletes out there?

Tebow: "They have a lot of athletes and their defense is a really good defense, and one in the best in the SEC. They had a great game plan and prepared a long time to get ready for that. They did a lot of things to take away from our game plan. Some of our crossing routes, and then getting back in the zones, playing up close to the line and then drop. They did a great job in some senses taking away some of what we tried to do, but we have seen a lot of different looks and we will prepare for that one too."

Media: After watching film, how would you have attacked Tennessee differently?

Tebow: "In going back and looking at it, Down the field, I wouldn't have forced any balls, I probably would have checked down quicker. A few of the bubbles like I hit Demps and James on one, I think I had one or two of those I would have liked to go back and hit quicker just to get three or four yards rather than try and force it down the field. I took a sack on one. I should have checked it down quicker, but they did a good job of getting the linebackers passing off of zones and getting a lot of depth."

"(Going deep) was a lot of our game plan and what we had practiced all week and got ready for. They did a good job of taking that away. There was about two times I should have gotten it off quicker instead of holding it for the big play."

Media: Are we going to see you continue to carry the ball that much?

Tebow: "I think number one is to win the game. I also think that I obviously want to be smart and I wont play as physical as I did against Tennessee. That was one game where we felt we needed to ride me a little bit more. It was working and we were obviously being safe with what we were doing. We knew we were going to win if we kept doing what we were doing. We weren't going to force things and take what they were giving us. We were going to take advantage and make them stop us. We had a lot of success in moving the ball and driving the ball and running the clock and doing what we needed to do to win the game,. I think i was just trying to manage the game, beat Tennessee, and be 1-0 in the SEC. That is what we did and if that entails me to run the ball more then I will do that."

Media: Do you call any of your own plays?

Tebow: "On some plays, yes. It depends on the play. It depends on what they are giving us and what our checks are for that play."

Media: Do you think you could call your own game?

Tebow: "I don't know...not as well as they do. I have been around a little bit, so I think I could handle some of it. But, they have a better eye in the box."

Media: Is the fun out of the game with all of the pressure on you guys to win everything and win big?

Tebow: "I think we are going to enjoy it. Obviously there is a lot of pressure in the hype, especially in that last game. But, i am going to enjoy it. I enjoyed that last game and I will enjoy every game because I don't have much more time here. We are going to make a lot of memories and it's going to be fun. We 're not going to get stressed out and worry about where we are going to be. We are just going to play hard just like we played that last one and if we win 23-13 we are going to be happy about it. We are just going to have to go out there and compete and get W's and that's it."

Media: What is different about going on the road as opposed to home?

Tebow: "I love going on the road too because I love opposing fans giving you a hard time. It gets us hyped and makes us feel like our backs are against the wall, which is fun. I don't think there is too much of a difference really."

Media: What is your opinion of Kentucky and Coach Brooks?

Tebow: "I think Rich Brooks has done a great job with that program. I think that program has really stepped up to compete in the SEC. Two years ago when we went to Lexington, that was one of the best games of the year when they had Woodson and all those guys. Last year we jumped on them early and we were able to get the momentum going. so that will be a goal again this year to get on them early."

"They are a really good team they had a big win over Louisville which is a really good team. They handled Miami of Ohio really well. They have a lot of talent on both side of the ball and I think they are going to compete in the SEC."

"We have to go in there with our A game and have to play four quarters. They are going to come with man coverage, blitz and come after you so we have to be ready."

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