Seven Things You Can Worry About

Yesterday I pointed out seven truly great things about Florida's win over Tennessee in context of this team and the season ahead. But I know there are many fans that simply must have something to worry about.

I don't write that as a criticism. I allow myself to be a "fan" of my boyhood teams in New York (Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers in that order) and I find myself focusing as much or more on what might go wrong than what's going right.

Therefore we can agree that while things are going great for the Gators, there are legit concerns about this team in terms of being good enough to run the table and make the 2009 season what many hope and think it can be.

Wide Receivers ---- When spring practice ended Florida's top three receivers were Deonte Thompson, David Nelson and Carl Moore. Thompson and Nelson have combined for just seven catches and it's looking like Moore may end up taking a redshirt year to try and get his back problems fixed. Frankie Hammond was terrific in the spring but has just one catch and Andre Debose has already had season ending surgery.

Pass Protection ---- This issue ties in with receivers not getting open, but Tim Tebow did not have a lot of time in the pocket Saturday. The coaches feel they have seven starters now, but someone has to prove he's the guy at left tackle.

High Scoring Opponents ---- Saturday saw Georgia and Arkansas engage in an epic shootout with 93 points being scored. Meanwhile FSU put 54 on the head of the BYU Cougars out West. Florida's defense will be challenged more than originally appeared would be the case.

Pass Rush Missing ---- Florida's opponents are throwing the ball 31 times a game, yet the Gators have a total of four QB sacks in three games. Carlos Dunlap, who was expected to make a run at the school single season record, has just one, as do three of his teammates. The Gators have thrown ten fewer passes, but have given up one more sack.

Hobbling Spikes ---- If Tim Tebow is the indestructible one on the Gator offense then Brandon Spikes has a similar aura on the other side of the ball. Spikes missed much of the Tennessee game with tendonitis in his Achilles which is never a good thing. It's important for Florida's key man in the middle to be 100 percent healthy throughout the season.

Celebration Penalties ---- One of the most absurd things in college football reared its ugly head with SEC officials deciding that making a rolling motion with your hands is "excessive" but pointing to the sky and pounding your chest is not. Why is this particularly a Florida concern? Well the Gators are in a position to celebrate more than their opponents. Remember the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Louis Murphy for signaling "first down" in the BCS Title Game.

Nine More Games ---- If people are going to get this concerned about a 10-point win over a traditional rival it's going to be a long ride for the rest of the regular season.

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