2011 Linebacker Back from Gainesville

At 6-3 and 230-pounds, linebacker A.J. Johnson from Gainesville (GA) is one of the top prospects in the Peach State for the class of 2011. Florida middle linebacker Brandon Spikes is his idol so it only made sense for Johnson to watch him up close on Saturday.

"I was ready for the game to start," A.J. Johnson said. "I went to the game with my coach who went to Florida so he knew all the short cuts and stuff like that. My coach actually played baseball for Florida. We saw people tailgating everywhere we looked. I mean they were in the streets and all over the place cooking out."

Johnson talked about what he saw once he entered The Swamp.

"When I was walking around in The Swamp it made me want to get out there and play. It was a great game. I watched Spikes to see how he plays because that guy is my idol. I try to model my game after what he does. Tennessee kept the game close but I think they were running at the end of the game to try and keep it close. Florida was swarming on the defensive side of the ball. It was so loud especially during the fourth quarter. I could hear the noise in my eardrums."

Johnson had a chance to speak with Coach Kenny Carter after the game.

"I talked for a long time with my recruiting coach, Kenny Carter. I think that he will be up this way during Florida's bye week. They are going to track me during the season and we will see how things go. I don't have an offer from the Gators but I hope I get one."

Johnson has written offers from Tennessee, Clemson, Oklahoma State, Stanford and Georgia Tech.

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