Football Diary with Trey Burton - 9/25/09

Last season was fortunate enough to bring you an inside look into the life on and off the field of quarterback Trey Burton. Thanks to Trey and his mother, Cindy Burton-MacFarlane they will once again give us all a look at what it's like to walk in their shoes.

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This week's topics include:

Venice victory over Booker
Clay Burton comes up huge
The Rivalry vs. Riverview
Vols come calling
Recruits Trey spent time with

The Burton family has been very busy this past week as they won a big game on Friday night and then found themselves in familiar territory on Saturday back in The Swamp. Once again thanks to Cindy Burton-MacFarlane and her insight.

I'm so glad to report we beat Booker last Friday night 43-7. No one in this town can remember Booker being on the other end of a running clock before, but Venice really played a great game. Booker is so fast and athletic, but we were on fire from start to finish. Trey had three touchdowns and then didn't play much of the second half. Clay had a fantastic game, as well as our entire defense and they even scored a 55 yard touchdown on a fumble recovery. On the night Clay had two tipped passes, one sack, two quarterback presses, five solo tackles and one caused fumble. He is really coming alive on defense and his motor never seems to stop running. Trey enjoyed seeing his teammates step up and make plays and score points. In each of the last three games, he has found a receiver deep for 40 or 50 yards, so we know it is just a matter of time before they all start clicking. In the past three games Trey has about 400 yards rushing and about 600 yards passing with nine touchdowns. This week we play Riverview (Sarasota), the closest high school to us by proximity and a huge rival. Their coach provides more bulletin board material than any other coach around here, always saying very shocking things so Trey really wants this win badly. Trey broke a school record passing last year in our win against Riverview and Coach Peacock talked last night at the Linebacker Club dinner about the defense Riverview runs being conducive to us throwing the ball a lot, so we are all very excited. Coach Shannon talked about the five fumbles Booker gave up were not because they just laid the ball on the ground, guys like Clay and Brandon Wilkinson (the twin towers), Dino Fanti and our transfer Omari Phillips from Jacksonville made some ferocious hits. Trey even got a nice shot on a kid who was trying to defend the goal line and Trey lowered his shoulder and sent the poor guy flying a few yards into the end zone.

We enjoyed the Florida vs. Tennessee game in the Swamp with 90,000 other Gators. We got to visit with Mack Brown, Christian Jones, Dunkley, Matt Elam and Gerald Christian, Jeff Luc, Ian Silberman, Jonathan Dowling (who we face next Friday), Gideon Ajagbe (really nice guy), Leon Orr, Chaz Green, Jordan Hicks and the guys from Manatee H.S. (who we will play on Halloween). I saw Trey speaking with Ronald Powell and we were all surprised to see Eddie George and Larry Fitzgerald on the sidelines during warm-ups. People ask "how loud is it in The Swamp" and the only way I can describe it is (1) if you try to yell at the person sitting right next to you, they can't hear what you are saying and (2) your ears are definitely ringing when you leave. It is the most exciting place I have ever been. Coach Loeffler is becoming very close to Trey and I and we both think the world of him. He likes all of the details about our games and he is very excited about Trey enrolling in January. I can understand the effects of the flu that some of the Gators were facing because Clay was as sick as a dog when we flew to Virginia for the ESPN game. I couldn't believe he made it onto the plane as I was on my knees praying about two hours before that flight that his fever would break. We drove home after the Gator game this weekend and Clay was singing his own version of Rocky Top which was extremely funny and I wish I could repeat the words he used because I know Gator fans would get a kick out of it, but sometimes teenage boys talk about inappropriate things. I don't think it was the version Lane Kiffin was singing that night. I do want to mention that I'm so glad Coach Meyer doesn't wear a visor. I thought it was kind of strange when Trey replayed a voice mail on his cell phone for me from Tennessee's offensive coordinator Sunday night. Trey said they are dirty dogs. Trey will get this weekend to "chill" and watch the Gators take on Kentucky as Clay and I take an unofficial visit to Auburn with his teammate Dino Fanti (#55) and his family.

At Moms in Touch this week we prayed Hebrews 13:8 for the boys "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever." I am thrilled I get to make Rice Krispie treats for our offensive line this week at our team dinner. Go Gators!

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