Mike Pouncey Believes in Brantley

It is going to be wait and see whether or not Heisman trophy winning quarterback Tim Tebow can play against the No. 4 ranked LSU Tigers in two weeks. Meanwhile, the topped ranked Florida Gators will have to get sophomore quarterback John Brantley ready to head into a hostile environment and possibly be the guy that runs the offense. Guard Mike Pouncey has faith that Brantley can do the job.

Tim Tebow is undeniably the team leader at Florida, a team that has several leaders among them. Saturday might seemed surreal as Tebow lie motionless on the field for several minutes after a vicious hit. Michael Pouncey was on the field at the time and was still worried about his fallen leader in the locker room after the game.

"That sucks, I didn't know what to say or expect at first," Pouncey said. "I am speechless, I just love him to death and am praying for him."

Tebow came into the game with upper respiratory issues and played like the warrior he is. He ran the ball maybe like never before and did what he had to do to put his team up 31-7 when he had to lead the game. After the game, all thoughts turned to Tebow who was rushed to a hospital in an ambulance.

"Tim played great, he played like a champion out there today," Pouncey said. "It just sickens me that he had to have an injury like that. I am thinking about him right now, because his safety is or main thought. I am not worried about who we are playing next week. I just worry about Tim's health."

Tebow is home now and recovering from what family and friends call a mild concussion. Only Tebow and the doctors will be able to tell if Tebow is ready to go. In the meantime, sophomore quarterback John Brantley will practice like he is going to start and Saturday night showed just what Brantley can do.

"We have a lot of trust in Brantley," Pouncey said. "We practice with him every day and he has a great quarterback arm. He went out and did a great job today. I am proud of him and I trust him for the future now."

Brantley, known more as a pure passer than Tebow came in and completed a nice 14-yard out pass to start and went 4-of-6 for 30 yards and a touchdown on the night. He guided the Gators to a strong fourth quarter after the team started to get a little sluggish on offense.

"I told him you are a Florida quarterback now," Pouncey said. "We got you up front and he said he has the back. Then, we just went out there and did good with him out there."

"Johnny B went out there and showed everyone in the SEC he can play. He came in and finished off the game and got a big win for us. I think he has a great arm and is going to get better and better each week."

"When you lose our offensive leader, and team leader, it takes a blow out of your offense and team, but we rallied together with Johnny B and he did a great job."

Don't expect the Gators to change the offense too much although they went under center quite a few times while Brantley was on the field.

"We are still going to run the same offense," Pouncey said. "Johnny just has to make the same plays Tim makes out there and I think he did a great job."

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