Meyer: Tebow Feeling Better

Gator quarterback Tim Tebow announced back in February to an excited crowd that he would be back for his senior season to play football. Head Coach Urban Meyer and Florida fans rejoiced in the decision, but Saturday night, some of their worst fears flashed through their minds as Tebow lay motionless on the grass in Lexington, Kentucky. Things seem to be getting better for Tebow as of Monday.

Urban Meyer was bombarded with questions Monday about Tim Tebow following his collision on the field Saturday night that caused some grade of concussion.

"Tim's doing good," Meyer started. "All the tests are coming back positive and I'm going to leave it up to the medical staff to update you guys because I don't want to give you information I don't know. But he's doing good. I talk to him all the time…feeling better."

Meyer said, "I don't know" when asked about the grade of Tebow's concussion and said he doesn't know if Tebow ever lost consciousness. Meyer said Tebow does remember the play and was feeling much better on Monday.

"Still got a little bit of a headache, which I guess is normal, but he feels good," he said. "He's eating well. Other than a little soreness and a headache, that's it."

Meyer spent Saturday night in Lexington with Tebow in the hospital where they were joined with the Tebow family.

"Yeah, you do that with any player but Tim's a special guy," Meyer said. "His family's there. I just wanted to make sure he was all right. He was actually responding very well to everything…Watching games and all that stuff."

"What it was like, it was basically a family member. You're all together in there and he smile at you. It was all fun. We were watching TV and talking about the plays, talking about the offense ran for 362 and then we were watching, I can't remember which game we were watching, but we were watching the game on TV."

Meyer talked about the fine people of Kentucky and the way they took care of Tebow and his family.

"First of all, the people at Kentucky and (Kentucky Head Coach) Rich Brooks called today and said on behalf of his team and his staff he just wanted to check on Tim," Meyer said. "You talk about first class people and the people of Lexington, I can't member the name of the hospital, I've been to some hospitals in my life and I've never seen anything like what they did. We're very gracious people."

In an attempt to avoid saying the wrong thing medically and it getting out of hand in the media, Meyer is going to rely on Florida Sports Information Director Steve McClain to publish release statements daily on Tebow's progress. He was asked if there is a timetable for Tebow's return.

"No," Meyer said. "What I asked Steve to do, other than telling you when I see him and talk to him, we're going to release something every day because it is a day-to-day how he responds to some tests tomorrow but all the tests, he did a lot of tests today but everything comes back real positive."

Meyer was asked specifically if he was sure there were no neck or spinal issues and replied, "Yeah. I can say that."

Meyer will not have the ultimate decision of when Tebow returns, neither will Tebow.

"The doctor, as far as when he can practice." Meyer said. "That's all training staff and doctors."

Meyer is not concerned about his health once he returns as it relates to this specific injury. The bottom line is he won't play until he is completely ready to play.

"No. I've no concern at all," Meyer said. "As far as health wise we won't play him until he's ready, and Tim is Tim. He'll be ready to go."

When asked when he believes Tebow will return, Meyer responded, "No. I don't know. I know what I hope."

In the meantime, Meyer will have to get sophomore John Brantley ready to play. He liked what he saw from his quarterback in waiting when he entered the game Saturday night.

"He's doing good," Meyer said of Brantley. "John actually managed the game fairly well when he was in there. If that fumble didn't occur then life's pretty good for Johnny. He played pretty well."

Meyer doesn't plan on changing the offense too much if and when Brantley is in the game.

"It won't be that different," Meyer said. "Maybe a few more handoff plays, maybe a couple more passes, but it won't be that much different."

It appears to be a great time for an off-week and most of the team got the day off to get healthy and to get class work in order. A lot of the young guys that need the work got some on Monday as they start to prepare for LSU in two weeks.

"We started yesterday, so we're going," Meyer said. "The players aren't here. The young players are out practicing today and a couple guys that need a little extra work like Johnny and Bostic and those kind of guys."

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