Addazio: "It Goes On Me"

Two days after Tim Tebow went down on the field after getting a concussion, Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio is taking the blame for putting his Heisman Trophy winning leader in the situation. It is a fine line between success and failure on the gridiron sometimes, but Addazio and troops plan on moving on and facing the obstacles ahead.

Steve Addazio wishes the tough play didn't happen, but there is nothing he can do about it now. He only knows any time his team has to play without maybe the best player in college football history, he will be missed.

"He's the toughest guy in college football, without a question and without a doubt in my mind," Addazio said Monday. "I've been around this game a long time and a lot of places and I've never seen a guy like him. Who he is as a person, his mental and physical toughness is just superior. Certainly you know you always have your best shot with your guy like Tim Tebow. He is just tough as nails mentally and physically. We're lucky we've got him on our side."

There is always hindsight and most folks ask why Tebow was in the game or why the Gators were utilizing the five wide set that could have left a man unblocked to the quarterback. Addazio expressed that normally the situation isn't so risky.

"We always evaluate everything, from every person on this football team," Addazio said. "We take no unnecessary risks in no way, shape, or form."

Addazio explained that the play, which allowed defensive end to hit Tebow unimpeded, was not the result of a missed assignment.

"In our deal there are 11 guys that have roles they have to fulfill," Addazio said. "Different pressures come and different things happen. We executed it and unfortunately Tim got a shot there off of Marcus' leg. It was unfortunate and a freak thing that can happen. You don't want to see it happen and obviously sick about it. In the same breath there are certain things in football that you can't stop. It's a tough and unfortunately we witnessed one of those things."

"No, it's not a missed assignment, not the case at all, things happen in the course of a game. We have 5-man protections, 6-man protections, and 7-man protections. Sometimes you get things you aren't supposed to get, but no blown assignment there."

Addazio went on to explain basically that it is part of the job of the defense to try and confuse and Kentucky was able to do just enough to throw things off in the protection.

"There are little pieces that are very fragile here that have to happen," he said. "But, everyone kind of did what they were supposed to do. In that situation where everything didn't go exactly as planned, it should only go on one man's shoulders…mine….no one else's. There is a fine line there. It goes on me. It's not on any player. I have to be in a better scheme."

"When you are in a 5-man protection, there are overlap principles built in because it is really easy to be short a half a man or a man. There are 11 guys on the field and there is a fine line based on where the pressure might come. There is a risk and a reward. We have been in this protection for five years. You had a collection of a couple of hard looks that came together and the minute that happens it is reflective on one person, and that is me. Just understand when you are in those deals, it takes 11 guys and everything has to be just right. It's just timing if it's just a little bit off, something bad can happen. There were a couple of things that didn't go exactly right and that is my fault. We can't let that happen again."

He was asked if there is a time when a man could be allowed to come free within the scheme.

"Depending on what happens on defense, potentially that could be the case," he said. "Of course that means there is something else going on, on the other side."

Outside of the Tebow news which over shadowed a nice SEC Eastern Division victory by the Gators, Addazio liked what he saw from his offense Saturday night.

"I thought we really ran the ball well and we threw the ball well, some good play action shots," he said. "I thought that was outstanding. We rushed for a lot of yards and this is a physical football team. This is a physical offense. We have a physical offensive line, a physical offense in whole. Our receivers are physical and our backs run hard. That is what we wanted t see and what we got."

"Kentucky had a good defense and I think it was reflective of our mentality and the way we executed and I am all happy with that."

"We played really hard and I said after the game as a team we played really hard. I felt like we went after them as a team as good as I have seen. Our feeling going into that game was we are flat going to run the ball and we did."

Coming off a great road victory, the Gators first road game of the year, Addazio has the daunting task of taking his Gators into Baton Rouge against the nation's No. 4 ranked LSU Tigers in two weeks. He now has to prepare his offense like he may be without Tim Tebow, but likes what he has in back up John Brantley.

"Tim Tebow is the best college football player in America, but John Brantley is a hell of a football player, a big time guy, Addazio said like a proud father. "We aren't going to change dramatically. We are going to have some wrinkles for John Brantley. John Brantley will run our offense and compete. He would be starting for a lot of teams in this conference.

"He has a real grasp of the whole offense. He has been in training now and he can run the whole offense. We will always have little things that feature his personal…John is a real thrower and that is something you can feature. The bottom line is he has been trained to run our offense and he will do it very well."

He went a little farther with how Brantley might be utilized just a little different. Don't think Brantley can't run the ball in this offense. He averages 4.4 yards per carry on 10 carries already this season.

"We will do what we do and what we do is we tweak to accentuate different guys," Addazio said. "We did it with Chris Leak, we did it with Tim, and we will do it with Johnny. We don't change, but we tweak."

"We have a lot of option game. There are three keys to any (option) run. There is a give, or a pull and a keep, or a pull and a pitch. John can execute all of that. John is a good athlete. He runs well, he's big, and has really become a big physical guy. You saw Urban run all of that out at Utah with Alex Smith. John Brantley is a bigger, stronger, guy than Alex Smith."

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