Meyer: Tebow Will Play Only if Healthy

The Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has to be getting bored with his treatment for his concussion. Some of the precautions the training staff is taking with him include not watching TV and not reading. He was allowed to make an appearance at the team meeting this afternoon, but other than that, he has been mostly restricted to just undergoing more tests by the staff.

Florida head coach Urban Meyer said he sat in on the tests for about 20 minutes Tuesday, and he can't see Tebow cheating these tests to come back early.

"I wanted to see, and balance and memory and all those things (are tested)," Meyer said. "It's not like the test is, ‘How's you ankle?,' ‘Fine,' ‘Good.' "You have to pass the tests."

Meyer said he felt his training staff is on the cutting edge for concussion treatment.

Although he made an appearance at the meeting, Tebow did not address his team, but for most, it was good just to have Tim back.

"It was good to see Tim. It was the first time some of them saw him since Saturday," Meyer said.

When Tebow is able to return, Meyer is considering on adding some extra protection for him.

"We talked about adding some protection elements, and we'll see how Tim is," Meyer said. "Whenever you face a team like LSU, (you) do that normally."


Offensive linemen Mike Pouncey (ankle) and Maukice Pouncey (shoulder) and Marcus Gilbert (elbow contusion) were limited in practice. They could have gone, but Meyer is using this week to help heal some of the minor injuries. "We're pretty professional about making sure the guys who play a lot of ball get healthy," Meyer said.


Meyer had quite a bit of injury news to sort through...

Some of the others battling injuries are Lawrence Marsh (ankle), Brandon Antwine (shoulder) and Moses Jenkins (concussion).

LB Brendan Beal's neck is finally healed, but now he is having tests done on his elbow. "He's having a procedure, something about some numbness in his elbow," Meyer said.

WR Carl Moore is starting to show signs of improvement but is still further behind on recovering from a procedure done on his back than CB Jeremy Brown who had the same thing done. "Jeremy is really accelerating. I think he's getting close," Meyer said. "Carl Moore was at practice today catching balls, but he still has a way to go."

There are still some players missing time because of illness. "Will Hill was under the weather today and Markihe Anderson, but I understand they will be back tomorrow," Meyer said.


Despite most of the attention being on the condition of Tebow, Meyer pointed out how well his team played on Saturday and how much better they could have been. "We played really well, and it is amazing how much football we left on that field," Meyer said. He said he felt they had too many penalties on offense and the defense could have been better. Meyer did praise his special teams. "We held that team to 18 yards per return, and they were I think No. 2 in the country and every year that coach does a great job. Dustin Doe and Chris Rainey were special teams players of the week for their efforts," Meyer said.

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