Meyer Wednesday SEC Teleconference

As usual Urban Meyer spoke to the media during his Wednesday teleconference. Of course the main subject of questioning involved Tim Tebow, especially without a game this week. Here is what Meyer had to say to the media for most of the questions.

Urban Meyer took questions for about ten 10minutes regarding his number one nationally ranked Florida football team.

Media: How is Tim Tebow doing?

Urban Meyer: It's day to day and there is nothing earth shattering. Last night I saw him at 9 o'clock at night and he looked terrific. That was the best I had seen him look. During the day he looked okay. I have yet to see him today.

Media: Has there been any top of the line specialists brought in for Tim?

Urban Meyer: "The thing around here is that it's the best of the best in everything. Moses Jenkins has a concussion as well. I think it is my job to get involved as much as I can without really getting involved because I want to educate myself. The whole flu thing and sickness, we had the best of the best. We had disease experts and talk about cleansing the facility and hygiene of the payers."

"Moses Jenkins is getting the same treatment as Tim Tebow is. The one thing about Florida is that it is top shelf."

Media: Is there any thought to cutting back on Tim Tebow carrying the ball, or the play calling itself?

Urban Meyer: "That is day to day and week to week. We always discuss that because he's not a typical quarterback. Typical quarterbacks run out of bounds and slide. If it's not there a lot of quarterbacks throw it away. You don't see Tim do that often, he is going to try and get positive yards. It's not like this is our first rodeo, we are well aware We are going to be conscious of it for the right reasons."

"Option quarterbacks rarely take a pounding. In option football you simply come to the end of the line and you pitch the ball. The guys that tale a pounding are not good option quarterbacks. That is not when Tim takes his hits. The time he takes hits is when he tries to run over someone on a scramble.

"The high impact collisions are usually on kickoff and kickoff returns, when a receiver is defenseless down the field, and when the quarterback is in the pocket. Those are the high impact parts of the game. I think there is really a misunderstanding about football out there. In a drop back pass, that is a very compromising position to be in."

Media: Was it a clean hit on Tebow or did he lead with his helmet?

Urban Meyer: "I think it was a clean hit. It's part of the game, but awful when a guy gets a clean shot like that. The bad thing was the way he landed...the vision of that is what bothers myself and a lot of people."

Media: How is the health of the rest of the team?

Urban Meyer: "I think we are in pretty good shape. Pouncey, Pouncey, and Gilbert. One is shoulder, the other ankle, and Marcus has a shoulder and the another elbow has a contusion. There is a little concern with Brandon Antwine and his shoulder but they said he should be able to play through it. The guy that wen need is Lawrence Marsh. He has had that ankle sprain now it is in it's fifth week, so we are really going to settle him down and try and get him back on Monday. Other than that, I think the illnesses we are dealing with, I think we are in decent shape."

Media: How about the flu and illness that is/was going around?

Urban Meyer: "It slowed down and then we had two more the day before yesterday and then today we had two more. We had Blaylock, the scout team quarterback and Kedric Johnson came in with a fever. Markihe Anderson and Will Hill (two days ago). We are going Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, but Friday, Saturday, Sunday they are off. Then back Monday morning ready to go, so we hope that kind of just wipes it out.

Media: Is Marcus Gilbert doing okay , does he feel any blame?

Urban Meyer: "He's doing fine and I think the whole team has rallied around Tim. There is a little bit of a knot in your stomach that it happened. I think players understand it is part of the game."

Media: Will we see anything different with Brandon James' role moving forward?

Urban Meyer: "We are actually discussing the chance of getting him more involved. That Kentucky punter did a phenomenal job, his average hang time was over five seconds. That really limits your return game. Kickoff return he has been dynamic. Kentucky did a good job against him on kickoff. He is a captain and a weapon and a guy we need to get more involved on offense."

Media: Is he playing that Percy Harvin role for your offense?

Urban Meyer: "He's a very good player, but Percy is kind of by himself. We do use him that way, he carried the ball in kind of a Percy role last week ...we are just trying to get him more involved."

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