Meyer Says Tebow Making Progress

Florida football coach Urban Meyer said Tim Tebow is looking and feeling better and no longer has any symptoms remaining from the concussion he suffered in the Kentucky game. Meyer said Tebow has not been cleared for practice as of midday Monday and it's too early to say if there's a chance he'll play against LSU next weekend.

Meyer said Tebow has enough experience that the amount of practice time he gets this week is not significant. He said he has a tremendous amount of confident in John Brantley to get the job done if he gets the start in Baton Rouge. He pointed out that while many call this "Tebow's Team", there are a lot of guys who have a lot to say about how this team performs.

Meyer also touched on another of other topics, including his dislike for the "excessive celebration" rule that cost Georgia dearly in their loss to LSU after a sensational TD catch by A.J. Green.


On Tebow's status:

"Tim looks a lot better. Today is Monday so it's been almost nine days, but he does look better and continues to work with our doctors and training staff who are doing a phenomenal job. I think the symptoms have been gone for several days now. We will not practice today (Monday)."

On other players taking ownership:

"We have a very strong family thing going right here and I think you've witnessed it. It's not a coach-player relationship, it's family and it's not just Tim. People ask if it's Tim's team; yeah it sure is but 51 (Brandon Spikes) has a lot to say. Carlos Dunlap has a lot to say. (So do) Joe Haden, Major Wright and the Pouncey twins. This is not a one man operation. The best thing going is that they love each other and care about each other and this is the best I've ever been around."

On Johnny Brantley:

"Obviously I have a lot of confidence. It's not false confidence. It's from what you see him do in practice. We'd like for him to have a few more game reps at this point, but Johnny is not going to go out there by himself. He's got ten other guys on offense that are going to take care of that guy. He had a very good week of practice. He gets the ball out real fast. Obviously things will change a little, but that doesn't mean we're going to abandon some of our running game that's been so good. But he obviously has some strengths."

On how Brantley has matured at UF:

"This time last year I don't think he could have operated at the high level he did last week. So much of playing quarterback is much more than taking a snap and throwing the ball. That's obviously a big part of it, but you have to call a play in a very tough environment. We'll practice with crowd noise every day this week. But it's the management of the game. You have ten other guys looking at you to execute the offense. A year ago he wasn't a good presence in the huddle. He wasn't a good presence on the sideline. It's much different now."

On excessive celebration penalties:

"I hate it. It's just awful. I didn't see it and you have to be careful about how you analyze it but to be honest with you I can't stand it when that happens. I just think that's wrong. I just saw what you guys saw on TV and the kid makes not a good play, that was a great play."


Meyer said Deonte Thompson should be 100 percent and full speed this week, but he still has concerns about defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh who has been battling an ankle sprain for six weeks.

Meyer added Jordan Reed, Florida's only other QB was sick last week and did not practice, but Chas Henry took some snaps at QB and one or two other guys will take direct snaps this week.

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