Meyer SEC Teleconference

The Florida Gators are preparing for what will be the biggest game of this short season so far when they go on the road to play fourth ranked LSU on Saturday. The Gators are going through a lot in their preparation including dealing with a starting quarterback that is recovering from concussion. Here is Meyer's transcript from his SEC Media teleconference Wednesday.

Urban Meyer Intro: I am looking forward to our annual battle with the one of the most talented teams in the country. Obviously it is a very tough place to play. But, that is why you come to places like we can go places and play like LSU, Alabama, or all these SEC schools. We have a lot of respect for our opponent and I think it is going to be a great game.

Media: Has Tim Tebow been cleared to practice today?

Urban Meyer: "He comes in at 11 (today) to be tested. Everything I heard form last night was important as well and he was not symptomatic after practice as well. My intent right now is that he has been cleared to practice (today), but I haven't found out yet."

Media: Effect of noise on Tim because of the concussion...

Urban Meyer: "If noise is a factor he won't play. That hasn't been discussed. If it bothers him, he won't be in the game, that means he is still symptomatic. Noise is legit and it's not just the line of scrimmage, it's calling the plays and communication on the sideline. There is a misunderstanding that the crowd noise causes issues with the snap count...most people don't use a snap count. It's just the functioning of the play for offense and is so complicated now from what it used to be with play checks, that's where it becomes an issue."

Media: What was the level of concussion, and will you err on side of caution with Tim despite what doctors say?

Urban Meyer: "I have probably heard them say it, but I don't know (the level of concussion). I have never seen the attention to detail that we have at Florida. It's not one, two, or three people, it is many people involved in the evaluation phase with Tim. Yesterday was a perfect example...we had 12 people in the meeting that we had at 1 o'clock to clear him to practice...not to play...just to practice. It will be an ongoing evaluation until game time."

Media: Are we going to know today...

Urban Meyer: "I believe it will be a decision that will not be made today. Yesterday, after practice I was told there is a chance that Tim can play. All the other stuff we will make decisions as we get closer. Is it an advantage for us to not say? I am not worried about that right now. We are game planning as if Tim can play."

Media: What makes LSU different than anywhere else...

Urban Meyer: "Good players. I (coached) down there at Colorado State a while ago and the stadium wasn't a factor, that's because they weren't very good. What makes LSU's stadium, the environment, and the fans, is the guys wearing the jerseys are very good players. It's the same thing at Florida and Alabama,when we had our experience at Alabama, that was the loudest I have ever heard and that is become they had a very good team. All that other stuff is overrated with all due respect to LSU, what makes LSU is those guys wearing those jerseys."

Media: What are you doing for John to help him to prepare?

Urban Meyer: "Practice real hard and go out and prepare to play the game. John will be alright, he has had a heck of a week of practice and is prepared to go out and play the game."

Media: Scores and yardage in the SEC are up this year...

Urban Meyer: "We scored a lot of points, but the first two games were against non-SEC style of opponents. Last year we played Miami and our scoring was not nearly as high. Because of the defenses I see in this league. I just watched that LSU-Georgia game and that is SEC football. I just think most schools in this conference play defense probably as good or better as they have since we have been here."

Media: How does it make your defense better to play against a great defense?

Urban Meyer: "The defense is playing at a high level. We didn't feel against Tennessee....we did not play great defense. One thing we take great pride in is guys running to the ball and coach Strong did a great job showing the '08 defense vs. '09 and I think against Kentucky we played more like '08. the pursuit to the ball was relentless. That is what makes good players, is relentless pursuit to the ball. After last week we are playing at a very high level."

Media: What is it like one's vs. one's?

Urban Meyer: "One's vs. one's we don't let that happen. That is training camp and spring ball. If you block our defense,you are blocking against some very good players with multiple looks. But, it's really one's vs. two's this time of year."

Media: Would you like to see referees huddle for excessive celebration calls?

Urban Meyer: "We met on that in the spring. I wasn't (at the game), I just saw what the whole country saw. If you don't bring attention to yourself, if you don't do something obvious, don't you dare throw that flag. If you do that, you won't be officiating."

"I think officials are put in a tough situations because it isn't clear cut. That kid that made the play at Washington, that shouldn't be a penalty. The officials are put in a tough situation. We need to take the judgment out of it."

"I do believe there should be a penalty for excessive celebration if it's not good for college football. That kid for Georgia made one of the greatest catches I have ever seen and went crazy celebrating with his teammates. I don't understand that."

Media: Were you surprised that the SEC admitted they were wrong?

Urban Meyer: "Our commissioner and Roger Redding are real class guys. We have very open meetings...the (apology) doesn't surprise me at all. What surprises me is that the flag was thrown. It's not the league, our league handles everything the right way."

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