Haden Ready for LSU Round Three

Two years ago Joe Haden was part of a young Gator defense that faded in the fourth quarter and lost to the LSU Tigers 28-24. Last year the Gators were a year older and more mature physically and emotionally and dominated the Bayou Bengals in The Swamp 51-21.

Now it's time for the third battle for Joe Haden and his second trip to the asylum known as Tiger Stadium. Haden says he vividly remembers his first trip to Cajun Country and will do what he can to prepare those who have never played in that atmosphere. Haden says he's ready for the match up with LSU receivers Brandon LaFell (6-3) and Terrance Tolliver (6-5) since he and fellow corner Janoris Jenkins battled those guys a year ago.

Haden talks about the game, the experience of '07, Johnny Brantley and more.


On what he's seen from John Brantley:

"He's taken more of a leadership role talking to the receivers and stuff like that instead of the coaches backing him up. If we can't have (Tim) Tebow back Brantley is a great quarterback."

On playing in Baton Rouge:

"It's the toughest place I've played in since I've been here. On the ride over they were shaking our bus and we couldn't get off.

On Coach Strong showing them video from the '07 game:

"They showed us maybe the first quarter or so, something like that. We didn't really want to watch much of it. We had to remind them that we did play them last year if you all forgot. (laughter) If we play the kind of defense we can play with everyone running to the ball we'll be alright."

On the technique of playing against a tell receiver:

"There's really nothing you can do (about height difference). You just try to get really good coverage on him and try to stay in front of him. It's more of boxing him out rather than (getting into) a jump ball situation."

On the match up between those receivers and the Gator corners:

"I like me and Janoris against anybody, honestly. "Jackrabbit" and me have just been watching our film and getting ourselves ready so we can give any receivers that come in a hard challenge. These two are two of the best in the SEC besides A.J. (Green of Georgia), Julio (Jones of Alabama) but we feel like we have a pretty good chance against them. You can make a pretty good name for yourself against better competition."

On the chance of LSU doing what they did in '07:

"We fell like there's no way that can happen unless the whole team lays down. Honestly we feel like if everybody their jobs nobody could do that to us again. It's basically the same people (on defense) that played in the game two years ago except we have two years experience and a national championship under our belt."

On the celebration penalties in the Georgia/LSU game last week:

"That was crazy. You play with so much emotion and passion and now it looks like you can't even celebrate with your own team. I guess I'm just going to have to hold it in now."

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