Addazio not Down on Offense

Despite the recent struggles, Gator Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio says he feels good about his unit. Florida put just 23 points on the board against an Arkansas defense that was at or near the bottom of the SEC in almost every category.

In four SEC games the Gators are averaging a rather pedestrian 25 points a game and are scoring touchdowns a dreadful 30 percent of the time when they get the ball in the red zone (inside the opponent's 25-yard line). Additionally the Gators have turned the ball over eight times and allowed 13 QB sacks in four conference games.

Addazio talked about some of the issues regarding the Gator offense.


On wasted scoring opportunities against Arkansas:

"We turned the ball over four times, twice in the red zone and we missed a field goal. If you shake that in a bag you say that's a lot of scoring opportunities shot. Football's a momentum game. You score a couple of those times in there and build that momentum and all of a sudden it's a little different in the end. I'm proud of our kids because every year you need those kinds of wins."

On what went wrong:

"In the first half we just flat blew opportunities. We had some missed assignments and it was a poor first half of football. At times we felt like we had the ball a lot of the time but when you turn it over four times it's hard to put your hands around all those other things."

On giving up six sacks:

"You know there are always a lot of factors there. Sometimes they brought an extra guy but it's never one thing. Suffice to say that schematically we were 'plussed' a couple of times and we needed to execute with that. I thought we found ourselves a little bit in the second half, but that was a tough-assed game out there."

Is he concerned about all the sacks?

"You're always concerned, but if you're asking me if I think we have a problem there, no. You always have a concern, but there's a lot that goes into it. People have that mind set now of plussing us (rushing an extra guy) in there and that's the nature of empty protection.


The bottom line with this offense right now is that when the Gators go with five receivers (or call it "empty") they are not getting the ball out quickly enough. Some of that is on receivers, perhaps and sometimes linemen aren't getting their man locked up but most of it falls on QB Tim Tebow to get the ball out, even if it's incomplete. Even if you turn six sacks into six incomplete passes, that's 45 yards Florida gets back.

Another issue the offense must address is diversity. Through four SEC games Tebow has carried the ball 84 times. Jeff Demps, Emmanuel Moody and Chris Rainey have combined for 86 runs. In SEC games Aaron Hernandez has caught 20 passes and Riley Cooper 13. All other receivers and backs have combined for just 18 catches.

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