Hollywood Bob's Private Screening: Mid-Season

It's been almost two months and now it is time for another Hollywood Bob's Private Screening. We will talk a great deal about this team and just what I think and am hearing is going on with the way they are currently playing. We will touch on some players that we haven't heard about, some that aren't getting on the field. We will of course give Bob's view on recruiting which is heating up.

As we move through this screening there are three main things I would like to discuss. First, the play of the team as it stands right now. Second, a look at some of the guys that aren't getting onto the field, some ideas of what is going on behind the scenes with the freshmen redshirting for this squad and a few others. Last, a look at recruiting where the Gators have been slow to garner commitments lately, but with about 10 left to get, a lot of big time prospects are trying to jump in the boat.

So, come join is on the Insider message boards of FightinGators.com and see what we are talking about...

Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

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