Meyer Post Game Comments

Urban Meyer spoke to the media after the Florida Gators big 29-19 win in Starkville over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. It was the first time the Gators beat the Bulldogs at their place since 1985 and also the first matchup between Urban Meyer and a coach that has worked under Meyer in the past. The Gators are 7-0 and currently on a 17-game winning streak, the longest in school history.

Urban Meyer led off the session with some opening statements.

Urban Meyer: "This is the first time I have been to Starkville and it is a tough place to come play. That is SEC football. Dan did a lot of things to try to win the game. Some other guys obviously wouldn't do that."

"For our team, I didn't coach very well. Down in the red zone, our red zone offense is really an issue and that is something we are going to work on...on the plane on the way home. I am not pleased with that. On that last one, that was my call as well. I knew they would be packed in there real tight and I thought we could run right buy them. We had a missed assignment and a turnover again."

"The defense played well. They held one of the best backs in the country to only 53 yards. We have to get a lot better."

"The great thing is we are 7-0 for the first time since 1996. We are on a 17-game winning streak and have a bunch of good guys that are extremely passionate about playing the game, winning and I had a good long talk with them, about staying together and wining a hard fought game. Don't lose the fact they are 7-0."

Media: Talk about the defense kept you in the game in the first half?

Meyer: "Not to take anything away from Mississippi State, but if we go down there and score...We missed a field goal and a couple of other opportunities, we had a lead and our defense is playing well enough that the score should have been different at halftime."

Media: Why the issues in the red zone...

Meyer: "I think pressing like crazy and I think the head coach wants to score so damn bad, he isn't used to this. If I am not used to this, other people in that room more important than me aren't used to it. I can feel it...I am pressing...make a score or do this, we are just doing things that we shouldn't be doing."

"Then, coming out. That is a shot and I have done that before. I thought we could run by them because I knew they would be packed in there. I know they were very close to getting one of our punts blocked so I didn't want to punt from our own blue line (goal line)."

Media: Are we going to see anything more with Tim Tebow under center?

Meyer: "It's just he is our best short yardage runner. We ran under center and scored a touchdown on one play and we may run more than that. It's just when he is under center they get one more in the box."

Media: What about Dustin Doe's score and lack of focus?

Meyer: "I didn't like that. I will address it later."

Media: What about Brandon Spikes injury?

Meyer: "Spikes is close, he didn't practice all week, but I know he will be ready next week."

Media: Jeff Demps injury?

Meyer: "Demps had a neck injury but no structural issues, we don't know yet (the extent)."

Media: Talk about Chris Rainey's play...

Meyer: Rainey played hard. He had 90 yards and I thought he ran real hard and almost came out on a couple.

Media: How loud was it with the cowbells...

Meyer: "I don't want to get into that, but I didn't know you were allowed to have that kind of stuff That is a tough place to play."

Media: Who calls the red zone plays?

Meyer: "The same guy that calls the middle of the field plays and coming out. When it doesn't work I called it. I called a couple that worked over the years, but today, none."

Media: Are you proud of the defense?

Meyer: "They play with a lot of pride. They play well and a have lot of experience. There are some grown men on that defense, they support each other and that's a good football team. With four starters out on defense, that is something. I was worried because they are really good running the football."

Media: Does execution or mental mistakes bother you more?

Meyer: "You score in the red zone. There is a common theme here...for years I cannot remember where we are not in the top three in the red zone in the SEC. We have to evaluate what we are doing."

Media: Is Tim trying to do too much?

Meyer: "No, we may be asking him to do too much."

Media: Is the general message to your guys that you are undefeated and that is what matters the most?

Meyer: "Here is what is important. They want to be on Sports Center and I love watching it too, but we are 7-0 and we played really good defense and ran the ball for 240. I made a comment that it is human nature when people are asking about the defense carrying the offense. That happened a little bit in '07 when the offense tried to carry the defense. I had the same type of meeting and said I don't want to hear about that defense now. Because 70 guys are going to get on that plane 7-0."

"I worry about when someone else does an interview about them. It is called a team and it is really cool."

Media: What did they do to specifically fluster you guys?

Meyer: "They showed us zero coverage and they bailed to drop eight. That is tough."

Media: Was Mullen's knowledge of the Gators something that really mattered?

Meyer: "If we score in the red zone we aren't having that discussion. What happens is you lose track of a bunch of kids that played their tails off on the other team and they played really hard."

Media: What was going through your mind with the last interception?

Meyer: "Just that I screwed it up. I have a lot of confidence in our defense."

Media: Is this starting to feel like 2006?

Meyer: "I can't remember 2006. I just love this football team. I love these guys. I know what is happening right now. A coach made a comment last year because of all of the (external stuff). I love to be ranked number one because it means we have a great football team with a bunch of good guys. Now there comes an inherent pressure with that. Do I feel it? Sure, absolutely."

Media: Do you like winning ugly?

Meyer: "That doesn't compute. You win."

Media: What do you do to relieve the pressure?

Meyer: "I want our guys to have fun playing. I feel like sometimes, because of things like this, we just have to be careful. We have a big one next week, a big rivalry game. We have to enjoy 7-0 and get a little better."

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