Meyer Sunday Teleconference

Urban Meyer spoke to the media Sunday during his normal teleconference. The Florida Gators defeated Mississippi State 29-19 Saturday night on the road and moved to 7-0 on the season. His offense continues to struggle in the red zone and Meyer faced questions about that, his Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and of course about the upcoming game with the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Florida offense has struggled to put points on the board and really had a hard time punching the ball in the end zone when they get into the red zone. Urban Meyer fielded quite a few questions on that.

Media: You talked last night about pressing in the red zone, can you elaborate on that?

Urban Meyer: "I just need to evaluate every play. Why it failed? What was the play call and what can we do better? I know I feel like we want to score so damn bad. I just feel that way and I know the players feel the same way. We just have to do what we do and what we do is pretty good, we just have to improve and we will."

Media: Have you had to deal with red zone like you are dealing with it now?

Urban Meyer: "No, this is an area that has been a strength. We will get it back to a strength. I know you are getting tired of me saying that, but we will improve."

Media: Meeting to discuss no finger pointing, are you just guarding against the possibility?

Urban Meyer: "(I am just) on guard. I have seen it in the past but not from this team yet. I am not worried about me, I am worried about the young players and the way some questions are worded. We had a great meeting and we have very good chemistry on our team."

Media: Are some of the questions unfair, or is it just part of the game?

Urban Meyer: "It is part of college football at the highest level. It's about why are one, two, or three areas not performing at a high level. We are going to focus on that because that is what we do. But I need focus n the fact we have 15 high effort champions on special teams and I have never had that any guys are playing as hard as they basically can. I need to make sure I take care of the team. I am really focus on those guys."

Media: Is it a chemistry issue with the receivers and only two guys getting the bulk of receptions?

Urban Meyer: "There is no chemistry or trust issue, we just have to do a better job of spreading the ball around a little bit."

Media: Do you need to pick Tim up after a night like last night?

Urban Meyer: "You don't have to worry about Tim, he is a very mature grown man. I think the best way to have confidence is to have success. Last week was our best week of throwing the ball in practice. Everybody is healthy. It is all tied together and that is just Tim, we just have to do a better job."

Media: Did you see any of these offensive issues coming with the guys you lost like Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy?

Urban Meyer: "We knew losing good players we would miss them. But, I don't look that far ahead. We don't do all of that. We just look every day at who is healthy and how defenses are going to play us. We just work each week. Sometimes I wish you could just come in for the 16-17 hours (a day and see we don't even think about that kind of stuff. We lost some good players and everybody has that. There is none of that discussion."

Media: Tim not speaking with the media last night, is he frustrated?

Urban Meyer: "He is definitely frustrated. He is used to playing at a certain level. A lot of guys are used to playing at a high level. We go down there and win by 10 points on the road, it's the same old song and dance...guys want to play better. Our jobs as coaches is to coach hard and manage expectations and have fun playing the game. Don't worry about this and that. Today in this day and age it is hard, because it is pressed upon you. Not coaches here, I am just worried about players."

Media: What about injuries?

Urban Meyer: "Jeff Demps has a sprained neck, it should be fine by Wednesday I am told. Brandon Antwine reinjured his shoulder. The good news is we should get some defensive linemen and Brandon Spikes back."

Media: How has Carlos Dunlap played this year?

Urban Meyer: "Boy, he played great Saturday. He had three sacks, his effort level on punt block was tremendous. On the fake punt and on Chris Rainey's effort he disrupted the whole thing. He said some great things in the locker room last night and is playing at a very high level right now."

Media: Does some of the pressure go away this week because of this game with Georgia?

Urban Meyer: "I was talking to Riley Cooper and Major Wright about this game. They both said this is their favorite game because of the pageantry, the rivalry, and because it is a heck of a good team with a bunch of good players. I think that is good. It is rivalry week and we have to get a lot better in some areas. I think it is going to be lights out and a little better because they know what is coming."

Media: Is there a concern that the motivational edge might be back on Georgia's side since they have the open week this year before the game?

Urban Meyer: "Yes it is concern, but there is nothing you can do about it other than what we do to get ourselves better. Your biggest concern is the quality of players on the team. I know their players and I know how our coaches feel about the quality of athlete on that team. All that other stuff is not really a concern."

Media: Do you keep an eye on what Alabama is doing?

Urban Meyer: "No, but I watched some of that game yesterday.

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