Urban Meyer Monday Presser

Urban Meyer spoke to the media Monday as usual and talked about a multitude of things including the struggles on offense and the upcoming game against Georgia. Here is a transcript.

Meyer led off as usual talking about his plan to win.

Urban Meyer: "In our Plan to Win, we want to play great defense, we are playing at a very high level on defense. The best thing about Saturday's game was not so much statistically, but how hard we played. Carlos Dunlap and Stamper played their best game as Gators...Major Wright. Those guys are playing at a very, very high level. They held them to 16% on third downs, five drives of three and out, four sacks, and 13 first downs total against one of the better rushing teams in America."

"Turnovers, we aren't taking care of business, red zone production remains an area of concern. The kicking game was one of the best we have had here. We hit on 10 of 10 goals. I am not sure how many times that has happened and against a team that takes great pride in their special teams."

"Our starting field position was dominant. As a result the special teams gave the offense in very good field position."

"Champions on offense were Maurkice Pouncey, Riley Cooper, Deonte Thompson, Mike Pouncey, David Nelson, Aaron Hernandez, Marcus Gilbert, Brandon James; Tim Tebow; and the offensive and special teams player of the game was Chris Rainey he played at a very high level even on that fake punt he disrupted that thing. We use the term 'bought in', he is very 'bought in' and I am very proud of Chris Rainey."

"Champions on defense were Terron Sanders, Jermaine Cunningham, Dustin Doe, Janoris Jenkins, A.J. Jones, Major Wright, Ahmad Black, Will Hill, and co-players of the game on defense were Ryan Stamper and Carlos Dunlap. In production points Stamp had 43 production points and Carlos had 42 points and normal for a good game is in the 20's."

On facing Georgia this week...

"We are facing arguably the best receiver in college football. They have great receivers with size and have the ability to go over us. Offensively we have to do a better job in some areas. Third downs we were not good, red zone production we usually do it on Wednesday, we are going to do it earlier this week. We just need to improve.

Media: What was your message to your team about being undefeated and all the negative energy out there?

Urban Meyer: Our job is not to change human nature, it is to control the football team and each other. We want to continue to have a close family atmosphere and chemistry and we have that. I thought it was necessary so in case it materialized and it will not...they are very mature. There is a lot of pressure on these guys to play at a high level. I want to make sure they play the game and have fun.

Media: What does it say about the team that there hasn't been a perfect game and yet you are still undefeated?

Urban Meyer: "We haven't played a perfect game here in five years. You can find fault in everything. The one thing we aren't going to do is worry about that and worry about our weaknesses and getting ready to compete."

Media: Deonte Thompson, what is his frustration level after he threw up his hands after an incomplete third down last week?

Urban Meyer: "I don't mind guys that play very hard. They share the frustration that competitors have, they want to play and if I see him not play hard, then he won't play. He plays very hard, he blocks well, and he runs great routs. If it gets in the way...I'm going to check with Deonte about that and if you ask me that question again next week, there is a chance that Deonte won't be playing. We don't need that, we need to go as hard as we can. That's what we do right now."

Media: Talk about the Florida-Georgia rivalry...

Urban Meyer: "I am a huge college football fan. When they mentioned Tim Tebow and Herschel Walker in the same sentence that was great. I have watched this game since I was young."

"You get a taste of the intensity when you coach it. Coach Strong and I when we worked together at another school, he always talked about driving over there and seeing all the cars over the bridge."

Media: Will it be nice to have a game (against Georgia) where there is no nonsense?

Urban Meyer: "I am not sure that will ever happen."

Media: What about the match up with A.J. Green and Joe Haden?

Urban Meyer: "We will flip-flop between Joe and Janoris and I have complete confidence in both. Those are two of the best corners we have ever had the privilege to be around. Their attention to detail is like none other. They work very hard, today is there day off and I know they are going to come in at some point and spend a lot of time studying them. That guy is an issue he is a really good player and he is better than last year."

Media: What do you tell quarterbacks that are struggling?

Urban Meyer: "You mention the '96 national championship team with Danny Wuerffel. You mention a tough loss and that is life in the big city. The head coach makes a decision on the four yard line, with the game kind of in hand, try to throw it down the field, and the play just explodes right in his face. I would do it again and I think our players would be upset if we didn't do it again. Tim Tebow did everything perfect and we had a missed block inside and the quarterback got hit. So, Tim Tebow gave up a pick six...absolutely not. The coach did, the quarterback did and someone else did. The good thing is our players understand that. Tim isn't playing at his highest level. He is playing as hard as he can, but there is a multitude of stuff that we have to get him in successful positions and everyone else has to pick up their level of play."

Media: Is Tebow playing tight now, trying too hard?

Urban Meyer: "I would say there is a chance that is true. It is a fault with Tim that sometimes he knows the down and distance. It was one of the greatest plays in college football history against Oklahoma on third down, he pulled it down and with leg drive he got the first down. When I say he knows where the first down is, he knows exactly where that marker is. Sometimes I think he knows how critical it is to get the field position and the first down and then some of his runs are stopped. I do believe that is an issue, but isn't that a great issue? Now we just have to coach through that and work through that."

Media: Tebow said has graded out the highest in the last two weeks than he has all year, and he seems to be puzzled by our questions about the offense.

Urban Meyer: "I can't speak for Tim but he is playing at a very high level in some situations and other situations, I don't put it on Tim but on the surrounding cast. I don't put it on Tim, I put it on all 11 players and those three or four or five coaches and we have to do better in certain situations."

Media: Even though you returned so many players from last season, at what point do you just say that this is jut going to be a team that grinds out wins and not like last year's team?

Urban Meyer: "I think Lou Holtz said it best, 'Our job is to some how be the best team in that stadium on that day.' Then move on and get ready for the next one. We have done that seven times and most by double-digit victories. Even though were some blowouts last year, Against South Carolina last year we looked awful then boom a touchdown and an interception return, then they run a fake reverse. We blocked a punt Saturday and didn't knock it in and score. There are multitudes of reasons. We had two interceptions for scores and one counted, one doesn't count. Those scores last year weren't because of offensive production, they were because of great field position, turnovers, special teams, great effort, great plays. We are getting a lot of great effort, just not getting those. Teams are playing very sound against us."

Media: When you watch Georgia's defense and you see they lost 45-19, what do you think?

Urban Meyer: "I don't get it. I watched the film and I don't see it. I see a bunch of great players and well schemed, I think it is elsewhere they are having problems."

Media: What is the Jeff Demps status?

Urban Meyer: "He looks pretty good, he is walking around here with a choke collar on, he has a sprained neck. He should be fine and will practice with no contact for a couple of days."

Media: Will we see more of Tim under center?

Urban Meyer: "We wanted to do that and it might be more of a part of our plan."

Media: You talked about getting on the plane and working on the red zone on the way back from the game...

Urban Meyer: "I usually make them go home at 10 o'clock. There is nothing worst than a coach that coaches tired."

"We watched every red zone snap of the year and evaluated snap of the year. What we are finding out is that in our opinion it is not the play call, we need to hold to the plan. Sometimes we are making a call that isn't on the call sheet and that sis my fault. We need to stick to the call sheet and do a better job on the call sheet. We usually do that on Wednesday, but we are going to do it earlier than that."

Media: Are you having fun?

Urban Meyer: "Do you really care? I am having a ball (with a grin). At times you feel a sting in your chest. It's not this or that. When you have good people that look you right in the eye you want to give them good and doing everything as you can. You want them to have the best opportunities to be successful and at times I don't know if we have done that. We have to do a better job of that."

Media: Do you have to be a little extra cautious going into this game against a rival with all of the tension around?

Urban Meyer: "I don't think there is any caution in a game like this. We had the best Sunday practice we have ever had ion Florida football history last night. It was nice and cool outside, that probably helped. There is no caution here because everyone knows exactly what it is."

"We watched video tape and can't find a better receiver than this in America. I would (worry) if it was a room filled with nonsense."

Media: Tim has carried the ball on more than half the red zone snaps, is that too predictable is that what you are talking about?

Urban Meyer: "Yes. Sometimes Tim is pulling it down and going...he is certainly our guy here. The single wing element has been so successful around here. The ability to take someone else out of the box is number one, number two is he is a big powerful runner; he is also Tim and is going to give you everything he's got. There are other guys that can do it as well. This is a big discussion, but we haven't finalized it yet."

Media: "Moody hasn't touched the ball in the red zone, is there a reason?

Urban Meyer: "No, there is no reason, and we are discussing that."

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