Sanders Coming Up Big

Before the season began the big battle for a starting spot on the Gator defense was between incumbent Terron Sanders and sophomore Jaye Howard. Most seemed to feel it was just a matter of time before the more explosive athlete took the job from the junior Sanders.

But Howard has been plagued by injuries and Terron Sanders continues to improve his game making him a key performer on one of the nation's top defenses.

Sanders has played extremely well in the last two games, helping Florida hold Arkansas to two touchdowns while not letting Mississippi State to reach the end zone. Sanders visited with the media guys to discuss the state of the Gator defense and the upcoming rivalry game with Georgia.


On the defense playing big against State:

"It feels good knowing the defense had a lot to do with the win. That's one of our goals to make sure we bring our defense on road games. To know we held Mississippi State's offense to just six points it feels good that we had a major part in the victory. We always go out with the mindset that we have to perform."

On whether there's finger pointing in the locker room:

"No not at all. Everybody takes responsibility for their mistakes. There's no finger pointing. We just watch film, see what we need to work on and work on it next week."

On whether the Gators are having enough fun:

"Coach Meyer always talks to us about having fun. The coaches say that's one thing we don't do sometimes is having fun playing the game. I think that's because there is a lot of pressure on us trying to be the best defense in the nation or putting up 50 points a game or shutting someone out. But whenever we're out there dominating someone we're having fun."

On whether he thinks the Gators have played a complete game:

"No, we haven't played a complete game yet. Which is what's amazing about the fact that we are 7-0. That shows how tough our team is and how close we are that we haven't played a complete game yet but we still found a way to be 7-0. Once we put a complete game together in all phases of the game is going to be something special to watch.

On motivation for Georgia:

"This is a big rivalry and almost everybody on the team was on the '07 team and experienced what happened when they stormed the field. They experienced the win we had last year. We can't go out there letting up just because they have a couple of losses under their belt. We gotta go out and act like we're playing the number one team in the nation."

Is he still thinking about that 2007 incident?

"Oh most definitely. We always feel disrespected when we think back about that. At the same time you feel good about yourself knowing that the coach feels like he has to do something to get his team motivated during the game. Still we feel like it was a slap in the face and we can't just let it be a one year thing where we feel like we took care of it and it was settled. We always gotta look back and see it as disrespect and knowing that there's a possibility that somebody could come back and do the same thing to us."

What stands out about last year's 49-10 win?

"Our defensive performance that we put on the field. The turnovers we caused and shutting down the running game. Those are big things that we were able to do last year and those are key things we need to be able to do this year."

On possibly getting Lawrence Marsh and Howard back for this game:

"That's what we're hoping for. Marsh says he's feeling good and Jaye says he's feeling good. We need them to put together a good defensive performance on the field and I feel like they'll be ready."

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