Moss Decision Later Today

After tripping to the Forty Acres and three different Florida campuses, <B>Jarvis Moss</B> has seen everything he needed to see. Sometime today, Moss will officially announce his decision and somebody's gettin' perhaps the single fastest defensive end in the entire country. But first things first, about that Florida State trip...

"It went good," Moss said. "Tallahassee's a college town."

"Tallahassee has three different schools," the nation's 49th-ranked player at any position told IT. "Florida A&M, FSU and Tallahassee Christian or Tallahassee Community College. It was pretty cool."

'Nole redshirt freshman linebacker Buster Davis played host to Moss.

"Friday night we went to a club," the state's top DE said. "It was pretty fun."

Nice looking women in those parts?

"You know, that was something I noticed within the first fifteen minutes I was there," Moss said. "There's a lot of nice looking girls."

According to Moss, the prospects ate dinner up in the president's box on Saturday and then later had dessert at Bobby Bowden's house.

"I've thought a lot about Coach Bowden," Moss said. "And he's just a really nice guy. I would have to say that as far as I'm concerned, he's the No. 1 coach when it comes to who cares the most about the players. Coach Bowden really cares about his players."

Moss also met FSU's DE coach Jody Allen.

"He kind of interested me a little," the nation's fourth-best defensive end told IT. "He's a lot of fun. And he showed me some film and how he likes the use the ends. Basically, he just let's them go."

As the hours pass today thousands of recruitniks will be tuned into the various message boards to learn of Moss' final destination. Asked if Moss had a doubt as to whether or not he'd make a decision to today, he said, "No, I'm going to announce my decision today."

If you're keeping track, Moss gave Texas and Florida pretty high marks.

As for Florida State...

"Players are really tight," Moss said. "You could tell that the football team was into showin' us (current and future prospects) a good time. They were calling me 'Texas' and (Andre) Caldwell 'Florida'. All the players were cool. So, it was pretty fun."

Needless to say, Moss has enjoyed every visit and may have a more difficult decision to make than he ever really imagined. At this point, it appears FSU, Florida and Texas have drawn the most raves. One thing is certain, if Moss does indeed select a school today, the speculation over his future whereabouts will diminish dramatically. The only questions then left unanswered will be the losing schools asking why Moss picked school "A" over school "B", "C" and "D". As for the winners of the Jarvis Moss sweepstakes, ridiculous madness, in a 6-6, 220-pound package, will ensue.

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