Meyer's SEC Teleconference

Urban Meyer made his usual appearance with the SEC media Wednesday for the teleconference. He talked about his team and the upcoming game with Georgia. Here is what Meyer had to say.

Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer led off talking about the injury situation at Florida...

Urban Meyer: "It is great to be 7-0. I am very proud of our guys, fighting through some injuries on defense and still playing at a very high level. To get some of those guys back, Lawrence Marsh, Jaye Howard, and Brandon Spikes. Justin Trattou is one of the toughest guys I have ever been around,there is a chance he will be back as well. It is obviously a huge game against two very good programs and a great atmosphere."

Media: Are there parallels between this team and '07 repeat national championship team in basketball?

Urban Meyer: "I am sure there are and actually Larry Shayatt called and we talked for a couple of minutes yesterday. I think we have a mature team and there are parallels, it is just different (in football). I think people are saying what is going on, but we are playing good football teams and going as hard as we can and trying to get a little bit better."

Media: Talk about the defenses in this league and how tough they are...

Urban Meyer: "It is very cyclical, a lot of teams scored a lot of points last year, we scored 611 points in the season and I am not sure it has been done before. This year that's not going to happen. One thing I have always talked about is that this is big boy football, these teams are very well coached and very well personneled. There are a couple of areas we need to get better. You look at Georgia and statistically you say what about this and that and all I know is what I see. That is as good of defensive personnel in college football. I think there are some very good defenses in this conference and they are very well coached."

Media: Opinion of Jacksonville as a talent producing area..

Urban Meyer: "We love Jacksonville, and we lost a few prospects in this early period that has made people jump. We love Jacksonville and it has been good to the Gators along with Tampa, Orlando, and of course South Florida. Those are areas we try and hammer as much as we possibly can."

Media: How big is this game in regards of recruiting between Florida and Georgia?

Urban Meyer: "It is very intense. They get their share, we get our share. It means bragging rights and everyone watches this game. We talked to the Universities about getting recruits there, but it is illegal for us to get tickets for this game. We would love for them to watch this game because it would be a unique atmosphere for them."

Media: Would you be in favor of an early signing period...

Urban Meyer: "I was opposed to it until one of our conference coaches came up with a pretty good idea if a young man decides not to take any visits and is committed early. I don't want to move up official visits, the next thing you know you will have 20-30 kids visit in July. I am kind of in favor if a young person says I am done and not going to visit any other schools. I was opposed but in favor of that one."

Media: Will an early signing period alleviate negative recruiting?

Urban Meyer: "Recruiting is recruiting...someone says you guys talk about how good your graduation rates are compared to other schools and someone says that is negative recruiting. You never hear us talking about negative recruiting. We just think that everyone goes as hard as they can and they sell their school. I don't think an early signing period will effect any of that stuff."

Media: Is this the worst year as far as injuries in your career?

Urban Meyer: "I think last year preseason was the worst year since I started my profession with all the ACL's. From Brendan Beal, to Cornelius Ingram, to Dorian Munroe, to John Curtis. This year there has been a lot of stuff. Sometimes that stuff makes you tougher and more able to handle adversity and gets you a little closer. Our team is a closer right now because of all the adversity."

Media: How has the team handled the expectations?

Urban Meyer: "I think they have done great and followed the lead of our coaches. There is a very functional mentality. We just have to stick together. We had an excellent practice yesterday with a lot of focus and a lot of maturity. In the end we are going to go compete with a bunch of fine athletes at Georgia."

Media: Is Brandon Spikes going to be 100% for Saturday?

Urban Meyer: "I think he will. If not, he will be real close. We could have played him ,he was at about 80-90% last week. Stamper was playing the best game of his career and (Strong made the decision not to, but he was close."

Media: The health of Jeff Demps?

Urban Meyer: "I will tell you more after today. I was told he will be full speed he smiled at me today and said he will be full speed."

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