Jernigan will be one of the best from 2011

When you average more than 10 tackles a game, 100-plus on the season and 20 sacks you will get noticed. Throw in your high school coach also coached Tim Tebow (Craig Howard) and let the comparisons begin. Sure Tebow is a quarterback and 6-3, 280-pound Tim Jernigan plays defensive tackle but they both have the same competitive nature and will to win regardless of the situation.

From Lake City (FL) Columbia high school superstar has more offers than he can count. Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Michigan and Oregon to name a few schools that extended written offers on September 1.

Tim Jernigan simply dominates the game at this level and has done so for the last two years arguably ranking as the top defensive tackle regardless of class. He is a true man among boys and has been so ever since his ninth grade season.

Explosiveness, strength and speed are three deadly characteristics to benefit from for any player but at the defensive tackle position he creates havoc for offensive linemen. Jernigan is a true "man child" in every sense of the word. A true dominating run stopper and his pass rush specialist collapsing the pocket from the inside out.

He needs to be accounted for on every single play regardless of the call because he has exceptional lateral movement allowing him to chase plays down. Jernigan is a true difference maker on the defensive line and gets my vote for the top player in the Southeast for the class of 2011 and will be one of the top players in America regardless of position.

Jernigan has been a Florida fan for some time and the Gators are the team to beat for his services. National Signing Day for the class of 2011 is a long way away but the Gators are in the driver's seat to land Timmy Jernigan.

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