Haden Ready for A.J. Green

It is no secret who the best player on the Georgia Bulldogs' offense is. Wide receiver A.J. Green has been tearing apart opposing defenses all season, and the Florida Gators cornerback Joe Haden said he and fellow cornerback Janoris Jenkins are up to the challenge of shutting him down.

Although Green poses several challenges to cover him, Joe Haden believes hours of film study and the experience of covering a similar receiver will have them prepared.

When the Gators defeated LSU 13-3, Haden and Jenkins were doing more than shutting down the Tigers' tall receivers they were practicing for Green.

"We come into this game like we covered (Brandon) LaFell and (Terrance) Tolliver," Haden said.

Green's style of play resembles more of Tolliver's with his size and length, but he gets the ball thrown to him more. And Green is better than the LSU receivers in other categories.

"He's faster, and his vertical might be higher, too," Haden said.

The junior corner has learned the best way to deal with a bigger receiver is by being physical with him. Haden plans to make sure Green feels his presence throughout the game.

"Just get physical with them, try to get your hands on them. Just throw them off their routes," Haden said.

Just having the experience of playing against a tall receiver won't be enough to stop Green, Haden has spent about two hours each day since Sunday just watching Green play. Haden has watched the rest of the Georgia offense, but he focus has been on Green.

"(Quarterback Joe Cox) is pretty good. He can throw the ball, but I have been watching A.J," Haden said.

At this point, Haden knows most of Green's tendencies but will continue watching until he knows everything about Green. Haden said he will not be manning up with Green anywhere on the field, but only when he lines up on his side of the field, and the rest of the time it will be up to Jenkins to shut him down.

When Haden steps on the field Saturday, Haden expects to be as ready as he can be for Green.

"I'm trying to know exactly what A.J. is going to do," Haden said.

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