Questions Answered on the Dawgs

Dean Legge from took a few moments to answer some questions about the Georgia Bulldogs for our members here at Fightin' Gators. Legge is as versed on the Georgia program as anyone you will read and shares his insight with Gator fans in this short question and answer segment.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: What is the status of Caleb King, I know he hurt his jaw a few weeks back but whats his status for the game? Publisher: King is still a little banged up. The question is if he is totally recovered from the hamstring he had earlier in the year. It seems King has had a hard time getting away from injuries during his time at Georgia. When he's healthy, and he's relatively healthy now, he's been effective.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: What is the status of the UGA OL? The injury losses (Sturdivant, etc) still hurting? Publisher: Losing Sturdivant hurt... no question. Georgia's offensive line should be more of a strength than it is. But that's not all on losing Sturdivant. The offensive line needs to provide better run blocking for the average running backs Georgia has.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: Whats the injury situation for the rest of the team? Who's out, who's in but hurt, who's on the fence? Publisher: Everyone is healthy for the Florida game.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: Who scares you more when we run? Tebow, Rainey, Demps, or Moody? Publisher: The speed guys, but Tebow is the most effective short-yardage runner in college football - at least he has been. But he's not taking you 50 yards... the speed guys change the game for the Gators.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: Do you see any coaching turnover at the end of the season for UGA? Publisher: Probably, but it is hard to know which or how many assistants will be gone after the season.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: How is Aaron Murray progressing? Do you see him starting next year? Publisher: Murray had a sore throwing arm during the middle of the season, but he's recovered from that. I am not sure if he will start next season, but he will likely be one of the top two signal callers if not the starter. Spring will be interesting at Georgia - much like the spring of 2006.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: Do you think Cox can have a successful day throwing on Florida? If not how many picks will he throw? Publisher: Yes he can, but he needs a running game. Georgia has averaged three turnovers a game earlier in the year - they've gotten that more under control - as has Cox. So I'd expect a turnover or two, but I'm not sure from who it will come.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: I am assuming Vince Vance is going to be out of the game after being arrested today...Can you confirm his status? Publisher:Vance is playing.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: What would be an accurate percentage on UGA fans really wanting the game moved out of Jacksonville? Publisher:That's hard to gauge. It's not 50%, but it's not 10% either. I still think the pretty good majority of fans want the game in Florida.

Fightin' Gators Subscriber: Should UGA attach Dooley's name to the Football stadium in Athens? Publisher: Maybe. He did a lot for the school. Would Florida ever name it Spurrier Stadium? Good question, too.

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