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Here is this week's Insight's article where I discuss the defensive line depth chart, baseball, basketball and football recruiting.

With Florida's incredibly talented signing class most certainly all need areas were addressed.  Defensive line was on focal point during the recruiting process especially with the departures of Ian Scott, Clint Mitchell and the seniors.  Eric Holcombe was signed and will move right into Scott's spot.  UF also has McKenzie Pierre a promising red-shirt freshmen who will get into the mix.  Kenny Parker is the usual wild card and I hear his back is as good as it has been but only time in pads will tell.  That gives the Gators three defensive tackles on campus.  The defesive ends are led by Bobby McCray who flirted with leaving early and now will rejoice in his decision to stay.  I believe Steven Harris will emerge at the end spot as the spring progresses.  Ray McDonald will be there as well to give UF three defensive ends.  The two wild cards on campus are Darrell Lee and Sylvester McGrew.  Lee has showed promise and could end up starting at tackle or end.  McGrew has been at defensive end but does have the body to move inside in Charlie Strong's system.T  hese eight players will comprise most of the two deep going into fall.  The recent commitment of Marcus Thomas means he will be in the rotation during camp to get work at one of the two tackle spots and don't rule our Michael Hill as well.  Tranell Morrant seems the most likely freshman to play end although they could all redshirt.  My depth chart today across the board-

First Team: McCray, Holcombe, Parker, Lee

Second Team: Harris, Pierre, Thomas, McGrew

Spring will be for experimenting but one thing is for sure Thomas will be one of the 3-4 inside guys come game one.

Snippett and Tidbits....
Talked with Coach Pat McMahon this week and he said not only will he use the "pre-conference" schedule to set his rotation for League play but also his lineup card.  The infield spots have one returner, that being Jonathen Tucker.  Catcher Brian Rose recently injured himself and may not be able to go this weekend versus Mercer.  Look for a juggling lineup on the opening three game set. 

Billy Donovan has reached the ultimate justification with the school's first ever #1 ranking.  He proved he could take this program to new heights in the "second cycle".  This is his seventh season and after getting to the title game in year four he has his team positioned for a run to New Orleans this season.  The key to offense is "spacing" and the young players have really done a nice job with being in the proper positions on the floor in Billy's offense.  David Lee is starting to get notice in the media recently for his play in conference games.  He is close to averaging a double-double and is near 4 offensive rebounds a game.  He has comparable, if not better numbers to Udonis Haslem, Florida's best post player ever at this point in his career.  Gator fans only hope he is here for his final two years. 

How good is this year's recruiting class? Follow the careers of Kenny Scott, Andre Fluellen,and Larry Edwards.  All great prospects who quietly could not "fit" themselves into UF's plans.  Finally Ron Zook will change the SEC just like Steve Spurrer did in the early 90's.  Well not exactly,   Spurrier changed the way SEC teams ran their offense by using his fun and gun offense to air out the football and put up big numbers.  Zook will change the way teams recruit by forcing Head Coaches to be more excited about it and more involved.  If not, Florida will line up many more years of great classes like '03.  Out with the fun and gun and in with tons of athletes who can run in the sun!

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