Scouting Vanderbilt Offense

Vanderbilt is a team that hasn't beaten the Gators since 1988, a miserable afternoon in Nashville when Florida was playing without Emmitt Smith and QB Kyle Morris. Still a few of these games have been uncomfortably close including a 25-19 win in 2006 when the Gators were on their way to the BCS National Title.

The Commodores are coming off their first bowl bid since that '88 season and first bowl win in 26 years. They hoped that season would be a springboard to more consistent success, but it turns out they're still Vandy after all these years.

Vandy is coming off scoring 31 points in a loss to Georgia Tech, but in The Commodores five SEC games they are averaging 7.8 points. In non-conference play the ‘Dores are averaging 37 points, so they are capable in some areas. For the year they rush for 180 yards and pass for 152 a game. But against SEC teams they gain about 50 fewer yards than that.

The ‘Dores lost starting QB Larry Smith in the Georgia Tech game and have to go back to benched starter Mackenzi Adams. He's a guy who has won and lost the job before. Adams is mediocre passer (8 TD, 17 INT career) and a poor runner. He did, however play reasonably well off the bench in that Georgia Tech game (12-22, 152).

Vandy's strength offensively is a pair of freshman runners in Warren Norman (593, 3) and Zac Stacy (389, 3) who have combined for almost 1,000 yards on the ground. They probably have more speed to the outside than any team Florida has faced.

The best receiver is probably slot receiver John Cole (24, 10.2). Udom Umoh (17, 14.3, 1) and Alex Washington (11, 11.4) give them a bit of speed. They throw quite a bit to TE Brandon Barden (19, 12.8, 1) and Norman also catches passes out of the backfield (13, 6.2, 1).

The offensive line is decent for the run, less than that for the pass. The best blocker is their center Brad Veerling. The pass protection is an even bigger concern now because Adams is far less mobile than Smith whose ability to evade the pass rush kept the sack number deceptively low (20).

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