Vanderbilt Game Urban Meyer Presser

Urban Meyer knows as much as anyone that the Florida Gator offense isn't firing on all cylinders. He also knows he has a defense that is playing as well as any in the land. Meyer addressed the media Saturday night after the No. 1 Gators defeated SEC foe Vanderbilt 27-3 in Gainesville. Meyer talked about it all.

The Gators continue their march to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game and after knowing who they will be facing, they wanted to put on a show for the home crowd. The defense came ready despite distractions and the offense continued to look pedestrian at times, struggling to make big plays.

Urban Meyer talked to the media following the game and addressed both sides of the ball for his 9-0 Gators who are also owners of the nation's longest winning streak at 19-0. Here is an audio rendition of Meyer's press conference.

Urban Meyer:: "The first thing I want to do is compliment our opponent, they played very hard. I also want to compliment our football team, they are 9-0 and it's just the third time in University of Florida history and that is pretty impressive." "The one thing that stood out to me is that the coverage unit are probably playing at the highest level I've ever had the privilege of being around. I thought our defense played tremendous and our offense played okay but is lacking the big play production we need to get on offense. We had a chance to go 10-0 and go on the road next week against South Carolina. We are looking to put a great finish on a great season."

Media: Talk about the defense without Brandon Spikes?

Urban Meyer:: "Defense was tremendous without much of a drop off. Ryan Stamper is a great leader and a great player Coach Strong called Dustin Doe out (in the locker room). It is good depth when you take out a great player and have two guys play that well. I think Bostic at times...he is involved in kickoff and punt and played well at the end of the game. But, Doe and Stamp were very impressive."

Media: Is there reason to be concerned about the offense?

Urban Meyer:: "We just didn't have the big play production. We had four sacks and didn't have any home run shots. It is concerning but I am concerned with something in every game we play. Last year it was kick off coverage. We got that squared away, now we have to get some production in the offense, a little more production and we are working on that."

Media: How concerned were you with the kick off return team from Vanderbilt? "It was started on Sunday. I started seeing this guy and asked who was this guy. He is very talented and around for three more years. We spent way more time on kick off coverage than we ever have."

Media: What would be the limit on Sturgis?

Urban Meyer:: "I would say 57 right now or within 60 yards unless (the wind) is in his face, I will; take a shot with him. He can make it."

Media: Talk about the Demps touchdown?

Urban Meyer:: "That was a great call by Steve. We took a gamble and on 4th and one he called a perfect play. They were in a 6-0 blitz and we knew if we got it executed, he would be able to walk in."

Media: How big is it to have anyone besides Cooper and Hernandez step up at receiver?

Urban Meyer:: "That number 5 is a hell of a corner for them. He did a heck of a job. David Nelson and obviously Aaron Hernandez had a heck of a day. Brandon James had his best day of the year. David nelson does more for this team than most of you would know as far as blocking; he is a hybrid guy that can block the edge. Also, he can get the ball in the passing game...he is a very valuable to this team."

Media: Why the pass to Aaron Hernandez in the 4th quarter?

Urban Meyer:: "I am trying to make things happen. We need big plays. Any offense that gets production needs big plays. It just seems our tailbacks last year would pull one out or get one down the field or make a long pass and we just aren't getting that. I know everyone is pressing to get that done and we have to get that done with these games coming up."

Media: It seemed the audibles are back?

Urban Meyer:: "We haven't been in the no-huddle banzai attack. Very rarely in offensive football can you just call a play. You have to have this play or this play (ready) most of the time. It's not Florida, it is just the way it is with the multitude of defenses that you face."

Media: Did you play with a chip on your shoulder?

Urban Meyer:: "We certainly tried to use that. We are in an area of University of Florida that has never happened before, it's 19 straight. This is the week and the year of 'stuff 'and what does the 'stuff' do to bad families, it rips them apart. What does it do to solid families? It brings them closer. I think this is a very solid family and solid team. Was our game perfect? No. But we are 9-0. And had a pretty sound win over an SEC opponent, so I am very proud of them."

Media: What about the defense putting on the brakes when it matters?

Urban Meyer:: "I saw the same offensive drive at the first of the game that you did. When it came time to make a stop they held them every time and held them to a field goal. I think Coach Strong and our defensive staff did a very good job and more importantly our defensive take Brandon Hicks, Marsh, and Howard aren't 100%...still our defense played very well."

Media: The defense held their fifth opponent to no this your best defense?

Urban Meyer:: "2006 was tremendous, I think they had similar type stats. I think we are the number one defense in America, if not, we should be. It's the second game in a row where we didn't lay the ball on the ground either. Second game in a row where we had just complete domination in the coverage units...think about our punter and what he did. The motivation of playing great defense is also playing great special teams."

Media: Did Louis Murphy and Percy Harvin say anything in the locker room?

Urban Meyer:: "I saw Murphy and haven't' talked to him. I talk to Percy a lot. We are so proud of those guys. Those two will be two of the better receivers in the NFL. Percy is already dominating, Murphy is coming on and Bubba (Caldwell) is doing great too. I am sure they talked to their boys."

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