Coxson Still Shopping Around

Baltimore (MD) City College five-star wide receiver Adrian Coxson will shop around. Blessed with great hands and speed Coxson stands 6-1 and 200-pounds and runs in the 4.5 range. Finishing his senior season at 7-3 has left him with some unexpected time on his hands possibly missing the playoffs this season.

"Our season went well but I don't think we are going to make the playoffs," Adrian Coxson said. "We lost a tough game last night and it doesn't look good. We ended up 7-3 on the season and had some bad turnovers in our last game."

Now that the season is in jeopardy of continuing it's time for Coxson to turn his attention to the world of recruiting where he has been a commitment to Penn State for some time.

"Recruiting is going pretty good but I haven't really focused on it yet but with the season looking like it's over I will. I talk to Florida and Coach Meyer and Coach White every week. They have been talking to me about how I would fit into what they do and how great I could be with those guys. Depth charts are something that I am aware of and I look closely at those things."

Coxson currently knows of three schools that will receive official visits moving forward.

"I don't have any dates set up right now but know three for sure that I will take official visits with and that's Florida, Georgia, and Penn State. I want to visit Florida for the Florida State game."

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