Meyer Pleased with Special Teams

Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer has always put an extra emphasis on special teams play. This week, he has been stressing just how good his units have been. The key to the Gators' success on special teams has been the personnel. Meyer only puts the best players on his units, and freshman LB Jon Bostic has proven his worth on special teams.

Meyer knew when he was recruiting Jon Bostic that the linebacker was a special talent.

"I saw a father who played in the NFL and a great mother. The correlation between that and a guy that's going to be a productive player is very high," Meyer said. "That's one thing and another is a freak. He's got freakish abilities."

Most players are only able to make one or two of Meyer's units if they are lucky, but a select few are chosen to three, which is the most he will let anyone play. Bostic has been one of those few.

"To be on three, you are the real deal, not many are," Meyer said.

While Bostic has been making his impact on special teams, Meyer expects Bostic to be a great linebacker, who brings the versatility.

Meyer is just glad Bostic is getting a chance to learn the position before being throw on the field.

"That's the way it should be. Spikes didn't have that opportunities. He had one year. You wish you had them for one of two years before they step into the position."


- Meyer stressed after the Vanderbilt game that the Gators need to do a better job creating big plays, but it isn't just one thing that needs to be fixed. "It's everything. It's holding your block longer, it's a guy plowing through the tackle, it's a guy making a catch like Cooper did."


- One person that Meyer thinks could be key to increasing big plays is WR Deonte Thompson. "We're not blaming anybody. Deonte has to get more opportunities because he has the juice to go get it."


- Meyer has been impressed with the quarterback play of Stephen Garcia and expects to see a more pass-heavy offense from South Carolina than in the past. "The aren't running the ball quite as well, but they are throwing it much better."


- As for South Carolina's defense, the player to watch is LB Eric Norwood. "He's one of the best players in the SEC. He's best when his hands are on the ground. That's when he causes the pass rush."


- Meyer has the chance to go undefeated in Southeastern Conference play for the first time since his arrival at Florida, but that is not what he has his teaming thinking about heading into Saturday's matchup. "We don't do that stuff around here. We just worry about playing a little better defense, scoring in the red zone. We don't have time to reflect."

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