Meyer Post Game Presser

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Urban Meyer spoke to a packed house of media following the Gators 24-14 win over South Carolina on Saturday. The gators are finding different ways to win relatively close games and this one was no different. The Gators moved to 10-0 on the season and are 8-0 in the SEC. They are also owners of the nation's longest winning streak at 20-0. Meyer was pleased with the win.

Urban Meyer Intro: "I always like to start by saying how much respect we have for the coach at South Carolina and also this environment and their team. This is SEC football and you never take that for granted. For you guys that only cover SEC football you get spoiled. You see these stadiums like this and the noise level and that was real, that was 1-A. For our team to come out…it is really important on the road to come out and take control…that pass to Cooper and we felt like we had control. Then they came back and ran the ball well. They had 200 yards in the first half. The second half was as well of a defended half as we have seen. Also, our special teams, we got Brandon James loose a little bit. Our special teams were tremendous. Our punt coverage was tremendous and we played field position football."

"We didn't play perfect. Obviously we haven't played perfect in quite a while. I think that is 20 in a row and I am awfully proud of those young people in there. As much respect we have for the SEC and for those people to do what they are doing, that is special."

Media: Talk about the Justin Trattou interception…

Urban Meyer: It was huge, the whole field was tilting. We started the second half and we had three drives where we kind of pinned them down there. We always tried to do that, but we need to score and missed some field goals. Then momentum completely shifted and you could feel it in the stadium. That will go down as one of the greatest plays ever. Markihe Anderson tipped the ball.

Media: Enlighten us on the Trattou injury from earlier in the season…

Urban Meyer: "He is fine now. He had an injury when most people said when it happened it was 4-6 week injury and he told me he was going to play against Georgia. He was in a lot of pain, but he is a super star."

Media: What was it like for you when it was 17-14…

Urban Meyer: "I didn't say anything. We were just trying to coach. We have a lot of confidence in our defensive staff. We have good players, there was no magical play. It was a bunch of really good players going hard. It's almost as if we expect them to make a great play. Not only myself, but our team does. When we line up at the 50 yard line for a punt and you expect it to be downed inside the 10, that is really good football.

Media: How frustrating to be at the 50 or closer and not score?

Urban Meyer: "Real frustrating, but it eases the pain when you win the game."

Media: How big was it to score that quickly on the first drive?

Urban Meyer: "You start coming into these kind of environments…don't take that for granted. I took my headsets off and they started that music and have a great student body…that was something. To come out and hit that pass, it settled us down. We kind of had control, you knew we would (eventually) have good defense."

Media: How proud of you to be 8-0 in the SEC?

Urban Meyer: That takes my breath away. Everyone knows the respect I have for this conference. That is a wow.

Media: Talk about the Trattou play…

Urban Meyer: That was a tremendous play. That will go in some book some day as a historical play.

Media: Did the demeanor of defense changed after the Trattou play?

Urban Meyer: We scored after that and all of a sudden they are on their heels and start drop back passing. Our guys love that. What defensive end wouldn't like to stick his cleats in the ground and not worry about the run? That happens.

Media: It seems like the defense is doing better late in games.

Urban Meyer: "Coach Strong rotated guys. He rotated the linebackers. Spikes was in and out…Stamper. Our defense has started to get a little depth. Last year we had two inside guys (DT's) and that was it. We were taking a backup offensive lineman and had him hitting a sled on Wednesdays because we didn't have depth at defensive line. Now they are rotating them pretty well. We are healthy and we have some depth. Everybody wants that and we have recruited well at some positions."

Media: How does it help that you have scratched and clawed already for wins?

Urban Meyer: "We have done that. We took shots down the field. I am so tired of seeing balls going off of fingertips. But, to be battle tested and find a way to win the game, as opposed to finding a way not to win the game…in '07 we lost games, in '08 we found a way to win them, and it looks like in '09 we found a way to win them."

Media: Did you ever foresee this type of season for your team, with all the on-field and off-the-field drama?

Urban Meyer: "It started in January. It has been going on since January 9th. It says a lot about the young guys in that room that keep going. There are a lot of kids that have NF futures, and they are still focused. When they can put the team before themselves, that is a pretty good person, a pretty good team." "That (stuff) is on the outside. After the Tennessee game I made a conscious decision and my computer has not been turned on. Our players have taken that from our staff, we have our faces pointed in the right direction. We have plenty to work on and don't have time to be focused on that (stuff). I have not pushed the on button on my computer since September and I am not going to do it on Monday.

Media: Why?

Urban Meyer: "(I saw) distractions, stuff that will make you angry. If my players see me worrying about that it will be disruptive. It is easy to worry about things you have to fix, but you aren't going to sit and disrupt your team over it."

Media: Talk about the blitz package…

Urban Meyer: "Our blitz package was tremendous and we brought a lot of them tonight. That was a lot of stuff coming from everywhere."

Media: What was South Carolina doing giving problems?

Urban Meyer: "We were getting blitzed. They were doing a good job of changing up. They went mostly three down and then switched between three and four down. Teams are not letting us get our fast guys on the edge right now. They are forcing everything (inside) so we have to find aw way and one way is to hit (deep shots) and we missed three of them. We have to hit those."

Media: What about Stephen Garcia?

Urban Meyer: "He is night and day (better than before). His father and myself are very good friends. He texted me the other day. It's a first class family and I think he is going to be an excellent quarterback. He is a very good quarterback and throws the ball very well."

Media: What about the Moody injury?

Urban Meyer: "He has a little sprained ankle, he was in a boot. I don't know the extent of it yet.

Media: Terron Sanders injury?

Urban Meyer: "He was hit in the back, and was in and out of practice on Wednesday. It happened against Mississippi State. He was taken out of the game in the second half."

Media: Talk about the Moody touchdown play…

Urban Meyer: "We called the same play about six times in the game. They were defending a certain formation the same way, so we ran it. That was a shovel and Hernandez was covered so Tim kicked it out when they brought the blitz."

Media: Would you rather have a blowout or close win?

Urban Meyer: "I just want another victory meal. We have a victory meal on Sunday night and I can't tell you what we eat, I just know it is a victory meal."

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