Gerald Christian Back from Gainesville

Palm Beach Gardens (FL) William T. Dwyer is absolutely loaded with talent with both 2010 and 2011. Curt Maggit, Nick O'Leary, Matt Elam, Robert Clark and Gerald Christian will all play in BCS Conferences. Christian, the nation's No. 4 ranked tight end according to took his official visit to Gainesville this past weekend.

Gerald Christian is one of the most athletic tight ends you will find for the class of 2010. At 6-3 and 230-pounds he has great hands, athletic ability and a great knowledge of the game.

"We pulled into Gainesville Saturday morning with my mom, dad and brothers and sisters. The first thing we did around noon was go and check into the hotel. After that we watched College Gameday and ate in the Gator room. After we ate we went and checked out the Gator Walk and it was real crazy. It was so exciting to see all those thousands of fans to watch the players walk to the stadium. I can't wait to be a part of that and my mom was tripping during the Gator Walk. She had Gator fever because it was the first time seeing the Gator Walk."

Projecting as a tight end at the next level, Christian made sure to keep a close eye on No. 81, Aaron Hernandez.

"I was watching all the different passing routes and ways they got him the ball. At times he was flexed out or they hit him on that inside pass play. He had a great game with two touchdowns. I really love all they do with the tight end and I can't wait to get to Gainesville in January."

Christian had a chance to spend more time with the staff before he left Gainesville this morning.

"It went great this morning, we woke up and had a chance to eat with all the coaches. They were all telling me they can't wait for me to get to school in January. There is a good chance that Hernandez will leave early and they told me to be ready. I don't want to be the one that lets them down. I don't want to be the one that has any excuses so I will be prepared."

Christian had a chance to hang out with some of his future teammates.

"I hung out with a bunch of players like Bostic and Hernandez. I didn't know that Aaron was that funny. We all had a great time hanging out after the game. All the recruits were all hanging out together and all of them were having a great time. Even the guys that weren't taking official visits."

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