College Football Musings - Week 13

In our next-to-last installment of the musings we take a look at a clumsy separation in Tallahassee, a needed one in South Bend and a very confused situation for the BCS. We also look at a Heisman race that still looks wide open and more in this week's musings.

Bye-Bye Bobby ---- No matter how you feel about Bobby Bowden and his tenure at Florida State you can't think his departure from the school was done the right way. FSU should have had a date certain for his retirement the day they hired Jimbo Fisher and the failure to do so at that time bit them on the butt Tuesday. Bowden shares some of the blame for this for hanging on too long but he still deserved better.

Sorry Charlie ---- Am I the only one who pictured that old Starkist commercial with the rejected fish when word came out that Charlie Weis' ineffective tenure at Notre Dame was over? Weis' arrogance over his NFL coaching credentials came back to haunt him when he got out coached by NAVY…. TWICE!

Paging Brian Kelly ---- Notre Dame's search for a replacement is actually going to be rather easy. With Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer taking themselves out of the running and Gary Patterson signing an extension with TCU that leaves one obvious choice. Cincinnati Coach Brian Kelly has an impressive resume (170-57-2 overall, 33-6 at Cincy) and is a Catholic from the Midwest (Michigan is Midwest, right?). He won't talk to Notre Dame until after his team plays Pittsburgh for the Big East Title Saturday, but you can bet it won't be long after that before they get together.

Right place for SOS ---- Steve Spurrier is 35-27 after five seasons at South Carolina. That's roughly the same record for Bowden (37-27) and exactly the same as Weis over the same period of time and you saw what happened to them. However the Head Ball Coach is about to get a contract extension from the Gamecocks that would let him coach four more seasons. Just goes to show you how much it helps to beat your biggest rival in the last game of the season. You think Florida State does what it did to Bowden if the Noles knock off the Gators? Me neither.

And the Heisman goes to ---- One of the strangest seasons for college football's top award still does not have a clear front runner with just one weekend to go. I've been voting for the Heisman for 25 years and it's one of the toughest years I can remember. I believe strong cases can be made for Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow along with Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart. And the best player in the nation is probably Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh. Gerhart is the only one of the five whose season is over and that might work to his advantage.

ACC Ready for Hoops ---- Could a conference have a worse week than the ACC just did? The two teams in the ACC Title Game were beaten by middle of the pack SEC teams. The most iconic coach in the league gets ushered out the back door and Maryland is keeping Ralph Friedgen.

Wouldn't it be cool ---- If the Gator Bowl could somehow broker a deal to have Florida State play South Carolina? Bowden has last game coaching against perhaps his biggest coaching rival in Steve Spurrier. And they get to do it in the state of Florida, no less. It won't happen because of all those idiotic conference tie-ins with specific bowl games that take all the creativity out of the process.

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