One Game Left for Winningest Class

Everyone needs time to recover from what was supposed to be just another blip on the way to a national championship and went terribly wrong. The Florida Gators stepped into a buzz saw on Saturday night that was all dressed in Crimson. By the end of the night, the Gators were left bloodied and worn out. Now it's over and as the Gators learn their bowl fate and matchup Sunday, it's time to move on.

This team has been prepared enough to win 22 straight games over the last two seasons and on Saturday night they just didn't come out looking like they were ready. A big part of the reason has to be attributed to an Alabama team that schemed, clawed, and fought their way to their best game of the season.

Still, it was disappointing to watch the Gators not perform at a level enough to win like this group of seniors has done more than any other group in SEC history. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy this group for one more game.

Their record now stands at 47-7. That is a breathtaking number in a conference like the SEC. Two national titles is also a first for any class at Florida.

Who can forget this group going undefeated against Tennessee and Florida State in their four years? They went 3-1 against Georgia and also won their only match up with Miami. They are currently 2-1 in bowl games and have one left with a chance to go 3-0 in BCS Bowls.

Worried that the team will not be ready for the game? Tim Tebow will be at every practice doing what he has to do to get every player motivated for the game.

This one should be in New Orleans and at the Sugar Bowl. The Gators haven't appeared in the Sugar Bowl since the 2000 season, so I suspect a lot of Gator fans will want to make that trip again. The crowd should be very pro-Florida.

What's my point here? The season was supposed to be about a championship and now it is not. In the end the winningest senior class in UF history is about to play their last game. Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes, Ryan Stamper, Riley Cooper, and many more will be wearing the Orange and Blue for the last time.

It was awesome seeing so many Gator fans remain until the last Alabama drive on Saturday. It was a show of respect for a very good team that just didn't make it over the hump in still what is a very successful season. I hope and expect the same in New Orleans with a huge send off this entire month leading up to it.

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