College Football Musings - Final Edition

This weekly look at the news and views of college football has been a staple for me for several years and it's always with a tinge of sadness that I write my final one, but there will be no tears.

We will forge forward with basketball, recruiting and other various bits of tid to keep you informed and/or entertained through the winter.

This week's musings column looks at the Heisman, bowl selections, coaching changes and more. Thanx for reading.

Amazingly Clueless Commissioner ---- ACC boss John Swofford gets a lot of respect in the college sports community, but not from people who understand bowl contracts. The ability of the Gator Bowl to choose six-win Florida State over four teams with eight or more wins shows how poorly the ACC's bowl contracts must be written. You'd never see a nine win SEC team relegated to the league's sixth bowl tie-in like Miami was in getting shunned to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando.

The Not-so Real McCoy ---- I was leaning towards putting Texas QB Colt McCoy at the top of my Heisman ballot on Friday. I'm glad I didn't vote early. McCoy had the worst performance in a big game since…. Well, Troy Smith of Ohio State in the 2006 BCS Title Game. I wish I could have my vote for Smith back, but I won't have such regrets this time around. Only the gift of replay saved McCoy from throwing away a shot at the BCS Title Game. All of us who hate this inane system can blame McCoy for not throwing it into a tizzy this time around.

Competitive Unfairness Reigns Supreme ---- Even if most people agree that Alabama and Texas should rank one-two there are three teams that will take perfect records into the post-season with no chance of winning a national title. TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati did not lose, but this system does not allow them to control their destiny. Until every major college team controls its destiny from opening day the system for determining a national champion will remain a fraud. It's an attractive, well funded fraud indeed, but still a fraud.

Off to Sign the Coaches ---- Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich met with Charlie Strong Sunday and an offer should be made to the Gator defensive coordinator sometime Monday or Tuesday. Charlie has certainly earned a shot and Louisville is a great situation for him. I do wonder how well he will adjust to the public, non-football aspects of the position. Cincinnati will soon learn if Brian Kelly is leaving them for South Bend.

Change the Calendar ---- I'm not talking about the actual calendar I'm talking about the recruiting calendar. National Signing Day should be pushed back a month and recruitment of coaches should be barred until their entire season is finished. Every year several teams preparing for a bowl game have to deal with a change in head coaches or disappearing coordinators. The only reason for the rush to make coaching decisions is the early February signing date. It's not right and it ought to stop.

Arrogant Irish ---- For a program that has been mediocre for almost two decades Notre Dame still carries a massive chip on its shoulder. Turning down a bowl game because of the dismissal of Charlie Weis is just the latest example. There are two major reasons why this was a terrible move. First, Notre Dame is a team that needs all the practice time it can get. Their young players lost three weeks of extra practice as a result of this pompous decision. Second, they are part of major college football and have an obligation to the sport. Lower tier bowls are struggling and if a game in Detroit can enhance its image and city by bringing in Notre Dame then they have a responsibility to fill that slot. Tiger Woods didn't get to stop being famous when his philandering became public and Notre Dame shouldn't get to be just another school when it suits its purposes.

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