Recruits Reactions

The Florida Gators are coming off a disappointing loss to Alabama this past weekend in the Georgia Dome and some future Gators talked about the game.

Ian Silberman:

"The game was not what I expected, I wanted to see the Gators pull it out. But Bama wanted it more. It would be great to play Bama in the SEC Championship Game; we have to make it there first. I haven't talked to any coaches yet. But all of our conversations are interesting. We love talking to each other, we talk about life more than anything."

Lynden Trail:

"Florida really needed Dunlap. There was no pressure coming off the edge. The QB had too much time in the pocket. We needed Cunningham to step up and play his heart out. I think we sat back and watched the game. We were in zone most of the game. It was poor tackling. Ingram runs hard. He needs his legs to be wrapped up. They just wanted it more than Florida, but overall Florida is still No. 1 and I will be ready to chase down quarterbacks next year especially Alabama. We will be back to the SEC Championship and we will be national champs again."

Jaylen Watkins:

"We could of easily had that game. I think it was just a matter of mistakes. Alabama did a great job keeping the O off the field so we couldn't really get a spark. The next game is going to have even more intensity and it's going to be a great feeling being a part of that and we will get them. I'm talking to Coach Bedford a little later so we should have a lot to talk about."

Solomon Patton:

"I mean I feel like they played their heart out and I mean it's really hard to beat a team two times. But I felt like the defense could've played a little harder than what they did but that's a good group of seniors and a good team and me being from Alabama, yes I have heard nothing but 'Roll Tide.' And all I say back is 'chomp, chomp.' I mean I knew it was going to be a dog fight and it was but all around it was a good game."

Mack Brown:

"I will love playing Alabama next year for a rematch. Alabama is great team with a ton of talent. There is nothing better than playing on a great team and playing against a great team. This is one of the biggest and best rivalries in college football. I told Coach Carter and Coach Meyer it was a good game and I'm ready to play a big role on the team next year."

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