Future Gator Joshua Shaw in Action

Los Angeles, Calif. - Following the SEC Championship Game Saturday night, future Florida Gator Joshua Shaw had a playoff game. Scout.com was there to see him in action in his last high school game before moving on to Gainesville.

Joshua Shaw (6-1/180) is a do it all player for his Palmdale Falcons. He lines up full time at quarterback, safety, and return man, and he sees some time at cornerback as well depending on the offensive formation.

On the defensive side of the ball, Shaw is a solid tackler with excellent closing speed attacking the line of scrimmage or moving laterally towards the sidelines. When he's at corner, his size and physical presence make him outstanding in bump and run coverage as he excels in jamming the receiver. He's not as adept in a deep scheme where he would have to flip his hips and run down the field with a receiver, but if he has the short third of the field in zone coverage, he's outstanding. 

As he keeps growing, it's not hard to picture him lining up at free safety on the next level, depending on what he's asked to do at Florida.

On the offensive side of the ball it's not surprising to find the best athlete on the field also playing quarterback. What was surprising was how well Shaw could throw the ball. Typically a player that throws for over 2,000 yards, as Shaw has this year, there is at least some talk of him playing quarterback on the next level.

Shaw isn't going to ever be confused with Tom Brady, but he throws the ball better than several D1 quarterbacks I saw this year in college. Still, it's when he takes off and runs the ball that he begins to shine. He has excellent acceleration and top end speed. Like most great athletes Shaw has good balance enabling him to go around, through and sometimes above would be tacklers while keeping his feet.

Palmdale was eliminated from the playoffs by Mira Costa on Saturday night, but Shaw had plenty of opportunities to show off his athleticism, and Scout.com was there to bring you nearly 5 minutes of highlights from this single game.

#2 ATH Joshua Shaw - 12/5/09

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