Gator Recruiting Still on Track

I have spoken to a number of recruits over the last 48 hours, some committed and some uncommitted. The outcome of the game on Saturday will have no negative impact whatsoever on this year's recruiting class, not in the least. If it has any impact it will only be positive with regards to the coaches telling recruits how badly they are needed.

There is playing time available at wide receiver, running back, linebacker and potentially defensive tackle. The Gators are done at the running back spot and Mack Brown will have a chance to make an impact from day one. Florida is still actively recruiting a number of wide receivers with the likes of Kenny Stills, Chris Dunkley, Christian Green, Ivan McCartney and Adrian Coxson to name a few. The interest level from Chris Martin, Ronald Powell, Kenny Stills, Adrian Coxson or any other prospect left on the board has not changed in the least based on this past weekend's performance or outcome.

The Florida Gators will not lose any prospect because they did not win the SECCG. They will not lose any prospect because they are not playing for the BCS Title for a third time in four years. Look around at teams like USC, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida State and Oklahoma. Take a look at the record of those teams and how it's impacted their respective recruiting classes, it hasn't. If anything it has helped them because they need so many impactful players.

Florida has areas of deficiencies from a depth standpoint and those will be addressed with this year's recruiting class. I still firmly believe that the Gators will end up with the unanimous nation's top recruiting class for 2010 and the outcome of the SECCG will have no bearing on that.

The staff went right to work visiting with its current committed players and top players remaining on the board. Kenny Stills, Owa, Powell, Shaw, Watkins, Patton, Ball and Brown have all seen Florida coaches as they are moving quickly and swiftly up and down the board.

The class is sitting on 18 at this time. Florida is clearly in good position with players like Robert Clark, Chris Dunkley, Kenny Stills, Chris Martin and Ronald Powell. That could take the class to 23 players, the remaining targets at that time would be players like Chaz Green, Seantrel Henderson, Jordan Hicks, Telvin Smith, Adrian Coxson, Sharrif Floyd, etc. As you can see, if the previous five are in the staff will have some very tough decisions with the remaining players depending on how many they can take for this class.

It's not as if all those players will come so it's a matter of determining which players the Gators have the best shot at moving forward coupled with need positions. Offensive line and linebacker would be the two positions that we should keep an eye on moving forward as the 2010 recruiting class winds down. On the recruiting front things could not be going any better but the Gators will need to close very strongly which is something I don't see being a problem as we close in on National Signing Day.

I don't view the Jeff Luc to Florida State as a bad thing at all for the Gators. It will allow them to put more of an emphasis on a player like Jordan Hicks who he scheduled to come in this weekend. If Hicks makes it in this weekend you better believe he will have the fullcourt press, something people were stating weeks ago after the staff watched Jeff Luc play in person.

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