Filling Out a Difficult Ballot

One of the first things I had to do when I got back from Atlanta Sunday morning (I get up early) was to fill out my Heisman Trophy ballot for the 25th time. Well, truth be told there is no longer a ballot to be filled out, just an online form to be typed on, but you get the idea.

Heisman electors are allowed three choices for the most prestigious award in college sports, but I had six people that I was considering. I had to go through some sort of process of elimination to figure it out and so I ended up eliminating guys one by one.

Here, in case you're interested is how my six "finalists" ended up ranking with the top three my official selections for this year's award.

C.J. Spiller, Clemson ---- This spectacular all around football player would have had a chance at the award had he played on a better team and run the ball more from scrimmage. His 2,207 all purpose yards is impressive, but his rushing total of 1,135 was not enough to overcome two other runners who logged more of the load.

Colt McCoy, Texas ---- If I had voted on Friday McCoy would have been on top for his excellent and consistent all around season in leading the Texas Longhorns to a 12-0 season. Then he stunk up the Big-12 Championship Game in ways too numerous to mention. His play in the final minute of the game looked more like a guy throwing the game than someone trying to win. It was anything but Heisman-esque.

Toby Gerhart, Stanford ---- This Mike Alstott play-alike has the most impressive numbers of anyone in the country. His 1,736 rushing yards with 26 TD gets it done in most years, but the problem I have with him is that he didn't play in a really important game all year. Maybe that's my Pac 10 bias/ignorance coming through, but so be it.

Tim Tebow, Florida ---- I voted for Tim the last two years but couldn't do it this time. I wrote after the Mississippi State game that his chance of a second Heisman were gone, but he proved me wrong. Tebow finished the season with five great games producing 16 TD with just one turnover leading to the Alabama game. Had he rallied the troops to beat the Crimson Tide he probably wins that second trophy, but his early fourth quarter interception in the Alabama end zone instead sealed his fate.

Mark Ingram, Alabama ---- If you go through his season game-by-game you see he was at his best against the best with the exception of the Auburn game. He more than made up for that with 189 yards and three TD against the top ranked defense in college football. Ingram is a horse and the sophomore will enter 2010 as the favorite for the trophy, whether he wins it this year or not.

Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska ---- I voted for Marvin Jones almost two decades ago when I was absolutely convinced the FSU linebacker was the best player in the country. The more I looked at this season, the more I looked at this incredible lineman, who was virtually unblockable. Suh then sealed the deal with an epic 4.5 sack effort in the Big 12 Championship Game almost single-handedly knocking off the Longhorns. He was the prime reason for McCoy's meltdown and won my vote.


You may see this in a completely different way and I look forward to your feedback on this matter. How would you have voted in the top three and why?

For the record I believe Ingram, McCoy and Tebow will be the actual vote when all 900-plus ballots are tabulated.

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