Louie Addazio Looking North

Every once in a while you have prospects in the South that are looking specifically for a place to head north and play college football. One 2011 tight end from the state of Florida is just that guy. Louie Addazio, brings a hard nosed approach to the tight end position and wants to take that approach to the Northeast from Gainesville, Florida.

It wasn't a good year at all for Buchholz High School who finished 2-7, having 17 new starters on board for the 2009 season. Youth will be served a year from now when they return 18 starters including Louie Addazio who is a punishing tight end that plans on working on being a better pass catching threat.

"I think I had a pretty successful season," Addazio said. "I really grew a lot in terms of coming off the ball and faced some good competition without losing any reps. I had four or five catches this season, but need to work on my route running."

The son of a college coach, Addazio started playing football at a very young age. Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio has impressed on him the work ethic it takes to be a punishing blocker that he is.

"I started playing football in the third grade...football and basketball," Louie Addazio said. "I stopped playing basketball last year so I can gain weight. I'm 6-3 and 225 and I want to get to 240 by spring football. I will never lose against another guy because of strength or weight if I get to that weight."

Watching his film, it is clear he is advanced in the art of blocking. He commands his side of the field and there is little doubt he learned most of that from his father.

"He taught me all that technique and about coming off the ball," Louie said of father Steve. "He makes time in the summer and spring. I will go up there and find 15 minutes here and there to work with me over the summer."

His biggest asset as an extended lineman is his ability to spring from his stance quickly and surprise the defender. Dad has instilled that in him.

"My best asset is coming off the football immediately at the snap count and firing into guys," Louie said. "(My dad) says it is one of the most important things. He loves that part of a football player."

Addazio is looking forward to next season when his young team is a little more mature.

"I think we could have a great team next year," he said. "We return 18 starters. Coach Godwin is looking forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the state championship in 2010."

A noted history buff Addazio has a 3.5 GPA and likes the tales of the American Civil War the best. It is kind of ironic for a kid that grew up in the North and moved to the South, only wanting to move back to the North.

"It is tough, the moving part," Addazio said. "I have been to a lot of new places and met a lot of new people. I like seeing a lot of new places. The biggest change for me has been the heat coming from Bloomington, Indiana."

Addazio wants to win and head back up North to play his college ball.

"I am looking for a championship program, good academics, and a moderate climate," he said. "I like the snow."

He just sent out his highlight tape and so he is just starting to get noticed. However, Addazio has already received mail from several schools.

"I am getting a lot of mail at the house," he said. "Georgia Tech, N.C. State, Syracuse, Middle Tennessee State, Cincinnati, and Toledo. I haven't talked to any of the coaches anywhere yet. I know after my video gets there I will start getting more hand written stuff."

He is looking for a program that utilizes his abilities as a blocker and doesn't rule out growing a bit more and moving to the interior of the line.

"As a tight end I see myself looking for an offense that has an attached tight end to block, but I can also see myself growing into a center as well," he said."

A big fan of the Big East, Addazio has three schools that kind of stand out right now.

Syracuse: "My dream school is Syracuse University. My dad used to coach there and I was at that age when you want to latch on to a team. They have won several games and they are gong to be good. I know the linebacker coach Dan Connelly, he is very close to my dad."

Rutgers: "I am a real Big East fan. I always liked watching Rutgers, especially with Ray Rice. I know they use a blocking tight end also."

Cincinnati: "I have gotten a lot of mail from Cincinnati, they definitely would be a school I am impressed with right now."

At this juncture, he isn't ruling out anyone.

"I like all the Big Ten schools as well," he said. "I kind of like Purdue and Illinois and watching those two teams play."

Addazio said that his father is okay wherever he ends up, "He doesn't care where I play."

A student of the game, with a football pedigree and a hard nose style of play, those are big time ingredients for a smash mouth football player. That is what you get with Louie Addazio.

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