Do coaching changes have Riggs confused?

What will Cody Riggs do? His three finalists, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee have all made coaching changes within the last week, so will that delay his decision? He talks the changes, his recent in-homes visits, his timeline, and more here.

"The Florida change (Defensive Coordinator Charlie Strong to Louisville) didn't mean anything to me, Tennessee's (Eddie Gran to Florida State) wasn't too bad, but Georgia's (Willie Martinez was fired by Mark Richt) hurt the most," said Cody Riggs.

"My position coach is still there at Florida and Tennessee, but Coach Gran was my recruiting coach for Tennessee. I knew him the best, but Coach Martinez was both my recruiting coach and position coach for Georgia. I had a strong relationship with him, so now I don't really know who I would be playing for if I went to Georgia and that is kind of difficult."

Florida is scheduled to have a couple of coaches in Riggs' home on Thursday, but Tennessee and Georgia had in-home visits on Tuesday.

The first school to visit with the four-star corner was Tennessee and he spent time with the father-son duo out of Knoxville.

"Lane Kiffin and Monte Kiffin came down to the school and then into my home. They are similar, but different and it is cool. Lane is the sharp one and he is the young one while Monte is more loose and about having fun. They were both cool and fun to talk to. They told me they love my style, they want me there, and things like that."

Georgia only had one coach in there after that family connection departed. Coach Martinez was in there last week, but since then John Lilly has now taken over Riggs recruitment.

"Coach Martinez was actually here the night before Coach Richt made the changes, so I might have been the last recruit he saw," said the Fort Lauderdale (FL) native. "We had a good visit, but Coach Lilly is a nice guy too. He wasn't able to talk a lot about things with me that Coach Martinez could, but he told me that I am still brought up in their meetings and still wanted by them. He made it clear that they still want me up there."

A day after Lilly visited the number eight corner in the country, Georgia's head coach gave him a call.

"I talked to Mark Richt today (Wednesday) and it was a good conversation. He talked to me about the future and how they were going to bring in a coach that really fit my style of play and that I would fit right in. I like Coach Richt and that is one reason Georgia is still in it."

So what type of defense is Riggs looking to play in? He knows his strengths and he wants to go into a system that will utilize those.

"I am not looking to go into a base cover two defense that sits back and doesn't play man a lot. I want to play in an aggressive defense, one that plays a lot of man coverage, and one that will fit me the best. I am looking at the defenses closely."

Even though the Gators and Bulldogs are searching for a new defensive coordinator and the Vols have to replace the coach that was recruiting Riggs, he still is looking at all three.

"Those are my three finalists and they are the only schools I am looking at now," he revealed. "The changes are not really affecting me as a whole because I know I can go to any of those schools for more than football."

"I would still say Florida is number one, then Georgia and Tennessee. Florida is on top right now because of the way I felt during my visit there, but I like a lot of things about Georgia and Tennessee too."

The St. Thomas Aquinas senior has a leader, but is still not quite ready to announce his decision. He wants to make a decision relatively soon, but he could actually wait until 2010 if the timing isn't right in the near future.

"I am thinking about committing at the Under Armour game (January 2, 2010) on ESPN, but I am not sure yet. If it gets close to that and I haven't committed yet, then I will probably just tell the coaches and then commit publicly during the game."

All of his visits are behind him, he is down to three finalists, and he has a leader, so many think he could commit any day now. He is not ruling that out, but he does not have anything planned either.

"I want to see what Georgia does and just see how I feel about everything. I just have to have that feeling to commit and I do not have that yet. I could wake up with it one day and pull the trigger, but I am not ready yet. I hope to do it soon, but I am just not sure when."

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at

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