Hollywood Bob's Private Screening - Part 2

It is that time of year when recruiting takes the lead on the mind of college football fans. I will try and cover what is left of the Gator recruiting board as we move toward signing day in the first week in February. Come inside to the message boards at Fightin' Gators and see what you are missing.

Jason Higdon is the best in the business and I try and add my flavor to the recruiting part of the sight with this round up.

Firt we will take a look at the Gators four main recruiting rivals this season. Tennessee, Georgia, FSU, and Miami are always teams the gators go head to head with...this year is no different. How do the Gators stack up?

Next the we will look at the offensive side of the ball. The Gators are trying to land 2-3 more receivers in this class along with another 1-2 linemen on offense. Who will they be? Come inside and let me tell you who I believe.

Later on we will delve into the defensive board and what the gators are looking to finish with there. Certainly more defensive linemen and a couple of more linebackers are on the wish list. Who do i think they will be? Check back later Friday for that.

Here is your link to our message boards at FightinGators.com.

Private Screening

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