Hollywood's Holiday Gifts

This is the time for giving and hope. With that in mind, I hope that all of you have a very safe and Happy Holiday Season and wonderful New Year. With such a great time to think about things and relish in yet another successful season of Gator football, I would like to offer up my wish list and gifts for some Gators and even some Gator foes.

My first wish has to be for Tim Tebow. My wish is for Tim to know that a lot of us understand the tremendous burden he put on himself this season and that despite the outcome of the last contest, his remarkable will and effort was the true shining point of the season. It was his faith that pushed him through a tumultuous year filled with many ups and a few downs,and through all of it that faith kept him grounded as he continued to display his humility and yet his burning desire to be the best.

There will never be another like Tebow, so with him understanding that we know he has poured his heart and soul into this and every season as a Gator, I want him to let it all fly in New Orleans. Come out gunning and running and let the world know just what Tebow is capable of.

For Urban Meyer, I wish the quintet of Chris Dunkley, Sharrif Floyd, Seantrel Henderson, Jordan Hicks, and Ronald Powell. That five-star group would not only propel the Gators' 2010 recruiting class into the top spot in the country, it would ensure Meyer many more wins to come. Meyer has shown the ability to coach up lesser talent, but getting the cream of the crop certainly makes things easier.

Of course I wish Coach Meyer good health as we have all heard and seen what stress does to the Gators' big man. Of course, getting the four prospects above will alleviate a lot of stress in the years to come.

For Brandon Spikes, I hope for the game of his life in New Orleans. Spikes, like Tebow could have left for NFL fortunes a year ago but decided to stick around and try and win another championship. Injuries and a short suspension shortened Spikes year and he certainly didn't have the senior year he was hoping for. A great game in New Orleans and then a lot of physical preparation for the draft will make it all worth it. Spikes will be missed.

For Steve Addazio, Florida's offensive coordinator, I wish a very healthy John Brantley next season. Florida has young quarterbacks on hand, but they aren't ready for the action nor will they be in a year. Brantley has the tools to be a great one but he needs to stay healthy. With Brantley, should come a different offensive look and I imagine the offense will be given the key to open it up a bit more with some key defensive components gone and the need for the offense to step up.

Along with a healthy Brantley, I wish for Addazio to get the big plays he was missing in the offense this season. They can come in various ways with the personnel that should be on the field and the offense won't have the crutch of a Tebow to rely on.

For cornerback coach Vance Bedford I hope that Joe Haden really, really, really wants to play one season with younger brother Jordan and decides to forgo NFL millions for one year. That is not likely to happen, so my next wish is for someone to step up and play aggressively and use the skills that they were recruited to Florida for. Aggressive play, in my opinion, is the main trait that Haden and Janoris Jenkins possess that set them apart.

For Deonte Thompson, Frankie Hammond, Omarius Hinds, and T.J. Lawrence, I hope for a better chance than they had this season to show their skills. With staff changes, I expect to see it.

For the Pouncey twins, I hope they do the right thing. I don't know what the right thing is, but I just hope they make the best decision for them. They don't owe anyone anything and have done their share of good for the Florida program and at the same time it may behoove them to stay and get better for one more season.

For Charlie Strong, I hope for a bowl game in year one. You made a great move for yourself heading to Louisville and no one deserves the chance more than you do. There should be assistant coaches lining up to coach with Strong because he is loved among coaching ranks. The fact Louisville is in a BCS conference and a very winnable one at that, is a huge reason this was a great fit for both parties. You're a good man Charlie Strong.

For Billy Donovan, I hope for a healthy and full roster. Donovan has had too many seasons with not enough players and this year has hurt with injuries on top of that. A slow steady climb back to the top will happen, but he has to have enough players to get on the court and play. The wish list can star with an extra point guard and an extra big man. Oh yeah, I am really gonna wish hard for a certain point guard in South Florida for next year.

Now for the lighter side...

For Florida State I wish a truck full of tissue to wipe the almost decade long embarrassment of a coaching situation they have had. To think that it stopped by firing Bowden before his last season is humorous at best. I find it quite amusing that the Noles are hiring a "coaching staff of the century", just four years after they hired the previous one.

For Tennessee fans I wish for a muzzle big enough to fit Lane Kiffin. The guy invites trouble not only with his actions, but with his mouth. Heck, maybe he just needs a couple of Tennessee hostesses to shove grapes in his mouth every time he is about to talk.

For Pete Carrol and USC I wish a few three-stars. Evidently all those five-stars aren't getting it done for them.

For The Ohio State University I hope for a new name. It seems that Cincinnati has taken over as The University of Ohio, so maybe tOSU can now stand for "the other state university". Like TOS (the other site) of the college football world.

For Tiger Woods I wish a Mulligan. He needs a do over on his entire love life. However, the cynic and non-golfer in me will find it funny if the count of his indiscretions equals 18 "Ho's".

For Steve Spurrier I wish a quick retirement before his career ends like Bowden's. Although Spurrier looks to have a much improved team next year, this can't be fun for him right now.

A little closer to home...

For all of our subscribers at Fightin' Gators I wish the happiest and healthiest of holidays and New Year. I hope that you and your family prosper in 2010 and will continue to be a part of my life.

For Larry Vettel, Jason Higdon, Chris Chmielenski, Heath Cline, Bobby Calovi, Jim Harvin, and the rest of the Fightin' Gators crew, I hope next year brings us as much reward as the last.

For Muckgator, I hope your penguins are happy it is winter time.

For Otis, I wish a 1,000 option plays in 2010.

For EH, a new calculator to keep up with all the stuff he keeps up with.

For John Marshall, I wish a new therapist.

For amsterdam and Bullis, I wish a new home on the basketball board of FightinGators.com.

For GatorNAlabama I hope that Solomon Patton, William Green, and Dee Finley become monsters of the midway in 2010.

There are so many more I can't name them all, but thanks everyone for making my life so great as it pertains to Fightin' Gators and I hope you all get what you wish for this holiday season.

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