Private Screening: A Meyer Perspective

I am going to approach this Hollywood Bob's Private Screening a little differently. My previous Private Screenings have been based on facts given to me by well placed sources and even though they aren't always 100% omniscient in their outcome, the information was based on what I was told. For this subject, it is all based on my opinion and everything I am hearing about Meyer and his tenure.

With the current Urban Meyer situation, there is no one giving exact details about his return, what is exactly wrong, etc. and I am sure it is for good reason. I have thought long and hard about why that might be and believe I have postulated a few good reasons for that.

I am going to talk a little bit about recruiting and the effect this situation will have on it for this year and probably next. Again, there is no way of knowing, but I want to add my insight to the situation so you can see where someone with my background looks as we move forward.

I also will give my take on the long range ramifications of the perception this will leave with fans, the national perception and among recruits.

Private Screening

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