Tebow Enjoying Final Week

With Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow's last collegiate game approaching, for once in his career all the attention was not on him. The coach who the senior has developed such a close relationship with has taken most eyes off Tebow for once. Tebow is confident though that Urban Meyer will be alright despite the health issues that are forcing him to take a leave of absence.

"He's going to be OK. It's tough. Physically is what you worry about with everything with his heart that's what you worry about, but I know emotionally he'll be OK," Tim Tebow said.

Although there are a lot of reasons for Meyer's stress, dealing with a loss is one of the big ones. He still takes losing as hard as many of the players and immediately starts work on what he could do to prevent another.

"He's like a lot of us. He's heartbroken, he's frustrated, he wants to know what he could have down better, he takes a lot it on himself," Tebow said. "He just wants to be the best coach possible so he tries to find ways to do that."

But Tebow said it is that type of passion that has made Meyer such a great coach. It probably has played a large role in why he has not had to deal with too many of those stressful situations.

Tebow doesn't expect that type of drive to change when Meyer returns to coaching, but he had a few suggestions for how Meyer could reduce the stress in his life.

"I don't think coach Meyer is going to change too much of his personality as far as a football coach," Tebow said. "I think he can delegate more and send more responsibility down to other people, and I think that is going help him, help his stress, help his workload. But as far as his passion and his drive, I think he will always have that because that's what makes coach Meyer, that's what makes him special as a coach."

It was that drive that initially brought Tebow to Florida. He said Meyer worked harder than any other coach at recruiting him and that is what stood out most about UF. Tebow said it was that will to win that has bonded the two over his four years as a Gator.

"Probably our drive and competitiveness, and our will to do whatever we can to win and succeed at what we are doing," Tebow said.

At the end of the Gators' last full practice of the season, they did their annual senior tackle, where the seniors give a message to the rest of the team. The recent emotional events took away a little of the emotion for the event.

"There has been so many emotional things over the last few days that it downplayed it emotionally, but it is still really special," Tebow said. "At least there wasn't as much crying as there has been going the last few days."

His last practice as a Gator gave Tebow one last chance to really enjoy being with his teammates on the field before their game Friday.

"It's hard but yet it's fun at the same thing because you are doing everything for the last time, having fun," Tebow said. "It was a lot of fun out there today and we just enjoyed, ran around, had fun, not a lot of stress and just enjoyed it."

The Sugar Bowl will not only serve as Tebow's last game as a Gator, but also as a way to redeem the Gators' loss to Alabama in the Southeastern Conference Championship Game and finish is career on top.

"It will be fun. It will be exciting just to go play for the last time as a Gator. Just to have opportunity to suit up and get that bad taste out of our mouth," Tebow said.

In his four years, Tebow has become known for the spiritual messages he writes on his eye black. With one last chance to do it because the NFL does not allow it, he is putting a lot of thought in the message that will be on his face for his last game.

"I've thought about things and I have some options and some that I thought of. I still haven't thought of what I am going to go with yet," Tebow said. "There are some good verses I'm thinking about."

Soon after the end of his college career, Tebow will shift his attention to trying to make it in the NFL.

"The next few days after that will just be meeting with agents and trying to decide who I want to go with, and then deciding where I want to train and what I am going to do as far as that, then the senior bowl and deciding what I want to do with that," Tebow said.

Many critics doubt whether Tebow can make it in the NFL as a quarterback and many suggest he move to tight end. Tebow just wants the chance to prove those people wrong.

"I've heard a lot of it. I've kind of heard that since high school though. People didn't think I could throw at Florida and I did OK at that, so going to the next level, I will try to prove people wrong," Tebow said. "That's my goal. I just want the opportunity to be a quarterback at the next level."

That challenge along with the joy of being in the NFL has Tebow excited to move on to the next phase of his life.

"It's bittersweet. It's leaving something that is very special to me, but it is going on to a new chapter of my life. It's opening something and creating a lot of new challenges and obstacles and exciting times and fun times," Tebow said.

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