How About Trusting Foley?

In all of the ambiguity and cloudiness of the head coach situation at the University of Florida, something is forgotten. Some will postulate that Urban Meyer is holding Florida hostage with his leave of absence, some that the reasons they are hiding his illness is because it is much worse than they are leading on. I think folks should trust Florida's athletic director to do the right thing.

Let's take Urban Meyer out of this equation for a minute by saying he can't be trusted and he is only looking out for what is best for him etc. Do we really think that Florida's athletic director isn't all over this and knows exactly the deal?

Remember, we have found out in the last few days that Jeremy Foley brought up the idea of a leave of absence to Meyer. That tells you two things…that Urban Meyer is the best coach that the University of Florida can get, and that Urban Meyer is all but guaranteed to be physically capable of continuing the job when he is better.

Health issues are private and I believe they should be kept that way. I don't need to know what it is going to take to "fix" Meyer. What I want to know is how long it will take. But, I also understand that sharing a timetable with the press only opens up a huge can of worms if he isn't back and working on the very date they mention. It was a smart move on their part not to go there.

We already know that Meyer is capable of coaching this team through the bowl game and also capable of carrying on through recruiting. So really, just how bad can he be?

Well, he is in bad enough shape to need some time off, but he is also in good enough shape that the nation's top athletic director at maybe the premiere school for athletics in America is willing to allow him to take some time off and get healthy before returning to the best football job in America.

Remember, Meyer was the hottest star on the coaching planet at Utah and Foley was able to get him from Utah and keep him from his dream job of Notre Dame. If anything the University of Florida is a brighter star now and would attract a huge name if Foley had to get one.

Foley has decided that any huge name is not as good as a healthy Urban Meyer with a leave of absence to get better. Foley has hired national championship coaches in the two major sports and taken a chance on these coaches given where they had coached prior to Florida. Urban Meyer (from Utah) and Billy Donovan (from Marshall) are just two of Foley's best hires for athletic teams at Florida in a program that continually finishes near the top of the Sears' Cup for athletic program excellence, even with a program that fields far fewer teams than the ones that usually finish ahead of the Gators.

Is there any doubt that Jeremy Foley understands what it takes to have a winning coach?

The lack of information publicly on Meyer's health certainly raises the skepticism from fans, recruits, rival recruiters, and of course the media. But, Florida didn't get to where it is on top of the college football world because the athletic director got lucky or went on a hunch or two.

Instead of worrying because we don't know all the details, maybe we should rely on the one guy that does know the details and has the authority to make a change if that change is needed.

As of now, Jeremy Foley believes Urban Meyer will be a great coach for the University of Florida and in the near future. Urban Meyer's health is the biggest thing here, but Jeremy Foley has to put the best interests of the University of Florida in the long run ahead of Urban Meyer's job status.

If you believe that, then you should believe that amid all the turmoil and confusion, the Florida Gators are still in the best hands possible and things will be back to status quo after an indefinite leave of absence.

Foley evidently believes it.

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