Now for the Tricky Part

NEW ORLEANS - After the happiness of winning the Sugar Bowl fades, Florida football is heading into a period of uncertainty. It's been established that Urban Meyer is taking a leave of absence and Steve Addazio will be in charge.

Urban Meyer seems to feel he will eventually return, although there's no timetable for when. While details of how all this is going to work remain few and far between, both Steve Addazio and assistant head coach Dan McCarney are confident it will work out well for the Gator program.  

Neither Addazio or Meyer got into any specifics after the game on a timetable for how their transfer of responsibilities will work. Meyer largely refused to answer questions regarding his future, saying he wanted the focus to be on the players and that issues related to the coaching situation will be addressed "at the appropriate time". He did comment that "in my gut, I feel like I'll be back. I just want to make sure my family and health are number one, and I've just to get that right". Meyer was asked about his role in recruiting and indicated he would be involved and that the plan would be sorted out "in the next few days".  

While Addazio was unable to answer questions yet about how his role as interim head coach will work, he made it clear he expects that to change quickly. "Nothing stands still. Everything's at hand, recruiting and everything else, so we've got to get busy and get to work."  

"I know what needs to be done, and we've just got to roll our sleeves up and go. The details, as we're going, we'll just hammer through," said Addazio.  

While the exposure of being interim head coach could be a major career boost for Addazio, it's coming at the cost of Meyer's recent health difficulties. He wants the performance of the staff during the coming months to help his boss heal up.  

"If we can give him this peace, this stability that he knows that this program's in good shape and good hands and going well, then that's what we're going to do," said Addazio. "That's what we owe him, and we love the guy."  

Dan McCarney referred to Florida's team and coaches as a family, and points out that when a family member has a problem or a health issue you rally support for them. He's confident the staff can take care of things while Meyer is away.  

"Whatever time Urban needs to take to get better and feel 100 percent, if it's three weeks, three months, six months, a year, whatever it is... I think he's got peace of mind that Jeremy (Foley) and all of us do that we can keep moving forward and being real successful with the staff we have in place."  

Although the staff is not at full strength right now, McCarney is confident that "we've got one of the best recruiting staffs in the country, believe me". He says they will focus on holding current commitments, asking players why they would walk away from the family they wanted to be a part of just because it hit a slightly rough time.  

McCarney has 11 years of head coaching experience himself, and said he has told Addazio to give him a call anytime day or night if there's something he can do to help.

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