Just One Visit for Trail

In the middle of his basketball season, Booker T. Washington defensive end Lynden Trail has decided to forgo any excessive recruiting trips and just take one. Trail has been committed to the University of Florida for over two months and it appears he will visit Gainesville and nowhere else before signing day, thwarting attempts from other schools to get him in for a visit.

This winter Lynden Trail has been extremely busy. He played in two all-star games and was a star in each. The latest was a trip to the Offense-Defense game, where Trail earned national recognition.

"I have been holding it down for Florida and my high school," Trail said about his excellent play in the two games. "I did great, I was the best defensive end (in the Offense-Defense game). I finished with 12 tackles, three forced fumbles and a lot of pressures on the quarterback. I also received a reward as the defensive player of the year."

Trail has been working hard in the classroom and with the all-star games and his current basketball season where he stars with fellow Gator commitment Quinton Dunbar. Trail is also getting more and more looks from college recruiters.

"Florida State is coming back down here and talking to me," he said. "LSU has been trying to get back in contact with me. Georgia is getting back with me....I don't know why?"

He is being a little modest with that last question, but Trail really isn't that interested in any other school.

"I'm not really talking to much, not leading anyone on," he said. "I am not letting them think I am coming to their school or anything like that."

Trail actually scheduled another visit with one of Florida's biggest rivals, but has decided that he will not do that.

"I changed my mind and told Urban Meyer today (Tuesday) that I wouldn't visit Florida State," he said. "Eddie Gran was recruiting me and he has been ever since he was at Tennessee. He said that if I did some research I would see (Florida State) had a walk on that started during the bowl game and they really need defensive ends."

"Coach Meyer said, 'what is the point of visiting if you aren't going to go there.'," he said. "Florida State is the enemy so I didn't want to mess with them either."

Trail was greeted in his home by three Florida coaches. New receiver coach Zach Azzanni, defensive back coach Vance Bedford, and defensive line coach Dan McCarney.

"Coach Azzanni came down to see Quinton, Coach Bedford, and Coach McCarney, my coach were there too," he said. "Florida State was there at the same time and they told me not to let Florida State get in my head."

Trail has a qualifying test score to get into school, but wants to do better. That ideal is part of his make up.

"I just re-signed up for the test," he said. "My Godmother (Lisa Starks) had me sign up again, because she doesn't want me to squeak by with the sliding scale. She wants me to dominate because she knows I want to dominate in everything I do."

Trail has big expectations for himself when he arrives in Gainesville in June.

"I am coming in to work hard right away and just trying to get on the field as fast as possible," he said. "I look forward to getting after opposing quarterbacks and wreaking havoc throughout my years there. Dunlap came in as a freshman and only played 25 snaps. I am only 215 and the average defensive end is 240-250, so I need to get my weight up and keep my speed up. Once I get my technique down, I know I will be the answer for the Gators for the next four years."

The answer the Gators wanted to hear is no other visits. Mission accomplished.

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