Easley: 'It Felt like Home'

One of the most talked about prospects in the nation over the last three weeks has been Dominique Easley. A 6-2 and 274-pound defensive tackle from Staten Island (NY) Curtis High School it's been a wild ride for Easley.

"We drove down to Gainesville after flying into Orlando," Dominique Easley said. "I had a chance to hang with a bunch of players that I was hanging out with in Orlando at the Under Armour game and it was great. I spent a ton of time with Leon Orr. Leon and I spent a bunch of time together in Orlando so that was real cool because we got real close like brothers and it was real cool.

"This entire experience has been great and all of the players have become real close real fast. Friday we went out to eat with everyone and Saturday we hung out at coaches house and went to the basketball game and it was an overall great experience."

The Scout.com Top 300 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday and one of the players that will see a significant rise is Easley, but he isn't close to where he wants to be.

"I want to keep getting better and I want to stay hungry. I am nowhere near where I want to be yet so I am not done. I have so much more to prove to people and I will keep working to get better. All the players that are in this class are amazing players. We all have one thing in common and it's very simple, no one wants to lose a single game. We all have one goal and we are all one team and no one wants to get beat. All the kids in this class are so talented it's crazy. We all want to win and what could be better than that? Being around all of these guys is like being around a family and it was awesome and felt like home."

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