Trail Glad to be Part of the Class

Miami (FL) Booker T. Washington standout Lynden Trail took his official visit this weekend to the University of Florida. Trail, a 6-8 and 207-pound defensive end, has tremendous upside, and for him, Gainesville is home away from home.

"I already felt like I was at home," Lynden Trail said. "To me it was the same as being at my house and they treated me, my fiancé and Quinton great. This has been another great trip and it makes me love Florida even more."

The Gators have the top ranked recruiting class in the country for 2010 and Trail thinks he knows the reason why.

"The one thing that all of us have is competitiveness. We are all going to take great pride in what we doing especially when we step on the football field. When we were all getting checked out and stuff, we saw a Wii and soccer was on. We all started talking about who was the best so we played to see who could get the high score and of course I did but because my fiancé has a Wii. They all said I cheated.

"They showed us everything this weekend. They showed us where we will live and what we will eat and drink for the next four or five years of our lives and we will do it together."

Trail spent time with newly hired coach George Edwards and liked what he heard.

"Coach Edwards is real cool and down to Earth. We had a great talk and once he gets comfortable in his new position then the intensity will come."

Trail measured in at 6-8 and 207-pounds but he is not concerned about adding weight in the future.

"All I need to do is work real hard and eat four to five times a day, which is what they will have us doing. I love to eat so that will not be a problem. Right now, with me playing three sports, there is no way I am going to add any weight. Playing football, basketball and track has kept my weight down. When Jermaine Cunningham arrived he weighed 195 and now is 256 pounds, so once I focus on one sport that will not be an issue."

The Gators are sitting on 24 verbal commitments and it will be a sprint to the finish with regards to who gets in and who is left behind and Trail is glad he announced a long time ago.

"It's like coach Meyer said, he is glad that we announced early for Florida and we made great choices. Florida has two to four scholarships remaining and we are looking for the best of the best. A bunch of kids who have played the hat game are going to be very disappointed on National Signing Day."

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